New business networking, Italian style

We can’t go to Italy at the moment, so why not mingle with Italians instead?

A shared love of Italy and a desire to expand business networks are the only requirements to qualify for a lifetime membership of Perth’s business community, ALTO.

ALTO is an abbreviation of the association’s full name, ‘Australian-Italian Leaders of Tomorrow’ that began in Melbourne in 2013 and now boasts over 300 members.

The primary objective of ALTO is to promote unity and good fellowship among the members and the greater Australian-Italian community and arrange and organise networking and entrepreneurial events.

Brought to Perth by Tessa Bontempo and Sarah Calautti, the vision for ALTO Perth is to fill a void that’s been missing in the city for many years, and I’m delighted to be working with them to help promote ALTO to West Australians.

“We want to bring together Italians, those with some Italian heritage and those who love Italy as much as we do for the prime purpose of creating an opportunity for business networking and supporting each other,” Ms Calautti said.

“We plan to hold several events each year, each with an interesting keynote speaker, and allow time to facilitate introductions and for meeting new people”.

Ms Bontempo said that they were inspired when they saw Melbourne’s ALTO chapter.

“For the past 12 months we’ve been researching and going through due diligence to bring ALTO to Perth, and we’re thrilled to be able to be launching it here,” Ms Bontempo said.

“We look forward to collaborating with the Consulate of Italy and the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA to complement the support and services they offer.”

ALTO’s roots began as an association for Italian business people and entrepreneurs in Melbourne, and has since expanded into South Australia and now Western Australia. The only requirement for joining is that members have an interest in all things Italian

ALTO Perth will launch on Thursday 2nd December. To secure an invitation, please contact

Lifetime membership to ALTO is $95 (one payment only).

Follow ALTO Perth on Facebook and Instagram @altowa_business_network for updates and to join or learn more, visit 500 Italian flag

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