Review of Thriller Live, Crown Theatre Perth

I was thrilled to be invited to review Thriller Live at Crown Perth last night, the preview night. I grew up listening to Michael Jackson’s music.

The show opened with a Jackson Five montage of songs, including ABC.  The dancing was terrific, although if I was to be very critical, some dancers didn’t have the same snap and sharp moves that MJ did, but they were in time, there were no stuff ups and it was highly entertaining and engaging to watch.

The set was simple, two sets of stairs on either side and a mezzanine level on top. The lighting was brilliant and the band – wow – just awesome.

The singers nothing short of superb. If I closed my eyes, at times I would not have been able to if it was Michael Jackson singing or not. They were spot on, high notes and all. Listening and watching Samantha Johnson (USA) who has the most amazing hair, and Tyrone Lee (that man can groove!) were highlights.  I was hoping to see Australian Prinny Stevens who is a lead singer, but she didn’t perform last night.

Photo of previous cast member

Photo of previous cast member

There was a little narrative to explain each phase of Michael’s career, but it was minimal. From the Jackson Five, it moved onto Disco and we sung along to ‘Don’t blame it on the sunshine, don’t blame it on the moonlight…’.  The cast got the audience involved, asking us all to get on our feet – and everyone did, clapping and grooving in their spot.

After the Disco phase came Dangerous, a ballad, and then ‘Can you feel it’ which was a great place for intermission.

In the second half, it opened with the Thriller album (the hits played at the end of the night) with PYT and Beat it getting the crowd revved up again. Michael Jackson’s Thriller album stayed at number one for 37 weeks. Unbelievable! As a solo artist, he sold over 20 million albums. Incredible.

Smooth Criminal was a favourite – a brilliant song and performance. I expect more from Dirty Diana. Perhaps the dancers wearing black leotard with suspenders, topped with white mohawk centurian helmets distracted me? It didn’t have the impact I was hoping for, given it’s one of my favourite MJ songs.

Photo of previous cast member

Photo of previous cast member

The night rounded off with Man in the Mirror, They Don’t Really Care About Us, Heal The World – all three songs were delivered with intensity and I found myself welling up with emotion.

They cast bowed, left the stage, only to return to get us on our feet as they smashed out Billy Jean, Thriller, Bad, Black And White, and Smooth Criminal, again.  The audience bopped, clapped, and cheered when the dancers moonwalked across the stage.

Thriller Live is a celebration of Michael Jackson’s music. There wasn’t much story telling and no other aspect of his complicated life was mentioned. It’s not a show that will give you any insight into the life of the King of Pop, but it will entertain and engage for the the duration, demonstrating exactly why Michael Jackson earned himself that title.

Photo of previous cast member

Photo of previous cast member


Thriller Live is on at Crown Perth until 21 December – more details can be found here



Dianne Bortoletto was invited to review Thriller Live.
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  1. Janine

    I went and saw it Sunday absolutely loved it , the audience participation was a high light, and those dancers were awesome ,couldn’t take my eyes of the male dancers Oooolala

  2. gail

    My daughter and i went on Friday i think it was opening night, i have seen the show twice in London. We enjoyed the show very much and yes some of the male dancers were very good indeed. I would go again.

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