Free Burgers in Cottesloe Friday

Grill’d will celebrate the opening of their newest restaurant in Cottesloe this weekend by offering unlimited free burgers to all guests on Friday 14 March from 5-9pm.

There are 30 different Grill’d burgers on the menu including 100% grass fed, free range beef and lamb, lean chicken trimmed of all fat or vegetarian burgers.


Wash your burger down with a selection of local craft beers, ciders and wine.

Sculpture by the Sea is on at Cottesloe Beach the moment, so before or after a free burger, wander through the sculpture park.

What a great free night out! Cottesloe is the place to be this Friday to get your weekend started.


Free burgers Friday 14 March, 5-9pm
Grill’d Cottesloe, 6 Napoleon Street, Cottesloe

Beach wine festival – Sunset Wine

Sunset Wine on The Esplanade at Scarborough Beach, Perth held its inaugural event on the weekend (Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd February) from 3pm until 7.30pm.

When I arrived on Sunday, the crowd was big enough to be buzzing, but still felt intimate. Some people were relaxing on the cushions enjoying a tipple or a bite to eat, others were dancing with their kids in front of the band, and many were engaged with winery owners as they enjoyed tastings. The number of families there surprised me – loads of them with small kids. It was really nice to see. I think Sundays attract the family crowd.

There were about 30 stall holders all up including wineries from lesser known wine growing areas, such as Nannup, Pemberton, and Harvey. It was great to see some more new stands (to me) such as the Bare Crush Fruit Icicles, Miss Tartufo ice creams, and The Alchemists.

Talisman - one of my favourite Riesling producers

Talisman – one of my favourite Riesling producers

I was delighted to see Talisman Wines. They produce one of my favourite Rieslings – the 2013 is just $20 per bottle, while the more complex and toasty 2009 just $24. Both bargains. Purchase made.

Moroccon food stall Shak Shuka

Moroccan food stall Shak Shuka

Julie, Mark and daughter Jess from Fifth Estate Wines

The Maloneys: Julie, Mark and daughter Jess from Fifth Estate Wines

A foodie and wino friend tipped me off and told me to visit Fifth Estate Wines. I was impressed not only with the friendliness of the family behind the winery, but the quality and price of their Tempranillo, which was just $15. It was not tart or dry like some Tempranillos. It was smooth and very quaffable. I’ll be buying some of that next winter. Located in Harvey, the Moloneys have been producing wine since 2005. Julie Moloney was only too happy to chat when I asked her about Sunset Wine and what she thought of the event.

“It was a lovely event and the crowd has been really well behaved,” Julie said. “Sales by the glass were good, particularly yesterday [Saturday] and for an inaugural event, I thought it was great.”

Simply Paella

Simply Paella

The folk from Azure Ice cream in Fremantle have their own funky food truck

The folk from Azure Ice cream in Fremantle have their own funky food truck


Nannup Ridge winery stand

Nannup Ridge winery stand

The wines offered by Nannup Ridge Estate were also delightful. Their Chardonnay won me over. Subtle oak on the nose as a result of just 25 per cent of the fruit going into oak barrels during the wine making process. It was smooth, a little buttery that gave it a whole of mouth feel as I sipped it. The finish was clean. More purchases made.


The band creating some great vibes

The band creating some great vibes

Mark your diary for next February folks. This is likely to be an annual event. With a relaxed atmosphere, family friendliness, good wines available for tasting and purchasing that you probably won’t find in the bottle shops, and enough food stalls to tempt everyone, you won’t want to miss Sunset Wine next year.


Sunset Wine
1-2 February, 2014 from 3pm until 7.30pm
The Esplanade, Scarbourgh Beach, Perth Western Australia
Sunset Wine Facebook page


Disclosure: CMS Events, the organisers of Sunset Wine, gave me two tickets to attend Sunset Wine. Ssssh, don’t tell them, but I would’ve gone anyway. I enjoyed Unwined – a wine festival in Subiaco also by CMS Events

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The worst meal of the year – MON Serving your soul

Walking past MON on Newcastle Street in Leederville, opposite The Garden, I liked the funky tables and covered stools on the pavement. This little Japanese eatery looked cute. That’s where it ends.

The poor waitress behind the counter obviously didn’t have any training as she could not answer my fairly simple questions about the dishes, nor print a tax receipt from the cash register.

We ordered the tasting board and chose four dishes; chicken yakatori, pork belly skewers, lotus chips, and gyoza dumplings. Add two bottles of still water and the bill was a reasonable $41. The food however was not reasonable. It was the opposite of reasonable.

The chicken yakatori tasted like a jar or bottle of sauce had been tipped over the top of the chicken. The Lotus chips had no seasoning whatsoever and were crunchy, very bland and had not taste except that of residual oil. It was like eating cardboard. The pork skewers were pungent, dry, and unpleasant – I couldn’t finish one skewer. My guess is that they used cheap male pork which is far inferior to female pork, something my butcher in Mount Hawthorn taught me. Or that the meat was off. The gyoza’s were probably the best of a bad bunch and they were only average. Zorba hated them.

For the rest of the night, Zorba and I both felt sick. I had to get up at 2am, 3.30am, and 5am to use the bathroom quite urgently. I will never eat here again, cute fit out or not.

Verdict: The only thing MON is serving, is another four-lettered-word beginning with “S”. My soul does not want a bar of it. Ever again. Score: 1 out of 10. Mon_leedy1.IMG_6993


MON serving your soul on Urbanspoon

Waiters and why I love critic John Lethlean


I love reading John Lethlean’s reviews in The Weekend Australian Magazine every Saturday. This week, he reviewed a new trendy “oh-so-predictable” restaurant in Brisbane called Hatch & Co.

I burst out loud laughing when he talked about Australian restaurant service going down the toilet. Rather than a waiter, he was served by “an interrupter”.

It’s an absolute pet hate of mine too – so many young bouncy service staff seem to think it’s all about them. I feel like screaming some times: DON’T INTERRUPT OUR CONVERSATION MID-SENTENCE! It’s not about them, it’s about us, the diners. The ones paying the bill and ultimately, their wage.

A good waiter should glide in and out topping up water and wine without an announcement, wait for a pause in conversation to take orders, not barge in ruining someone’s punch line.

Some of my favourite restaurants in Perth that have excellent service staff are Rockpool, Galileo, Lamont’s Bishop’s House, Cantina, and Il Pasto. Places that do not include Lalla Rookh (nice food, annoying service that interrupts conversation), The Prophet (a cheap eat, great food, too many waitresses asking us if we want anything else every 10 mins), and Jamies’s Italian (arrogance would be the word I’d use).

I tip my hat to John Lethlean for bringing this most annoying conduct of waiters to the fore.

The thing is, it’s not that hard to get it right. I waitressed for four years all through Uni, it can be hard work I know. All it takes to be a good waiter is good manners, a smile, and good timing.


Win a double pass to Sunset Wine

We all love a wine festival. The latest wine festival event, Sunset Wine, will take place at Perth’s beautiful Scarborough Beach from 3pm to 7pm on the 1st and 2nd February, 2014.

One lucky Travelletto reader will win a double pass to the inaugural Sunset Wine. There are three ways to enter:

1. Comment on this post with the name of your guest to Sunset Wine if you win
2. Like Travelletto’s Facebook page
3. Share Travelletto’s Facebook page on your timeline with the name of who’d you take as your guest.

Winners will be drawn at random on noon Friday 24 January 2014.  Keep an eye on Travelletto’s Facebook page to see if you’ve won. The winner will need to send me their details in order to receive tickets.

Summerset_A3sunset poster_14v2

Good luck!

This promotion is not affiliated with Facebook, WordPress or any other social media channel.

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Family friendly: Peasants Table, Mount Hawthorn

Looking for a restaurant where you can catch up with friends and keep the kids happy? The Peasant’s Table in Mount Hawthorn is the place for you.

Situated in the pedestrianised outdoor area of The Mezz Shopping Centre, surrounded by wooden garden beds, the Peasant’s Table has a large outdoor television screen showing kids programs, and is just a few steps away from a new children’s playground, complete with rubberised flooring. This means that kids can sit in front of the screen, or run around and climb equipment with little risk of breaking any bones, while adults enjoy a glass or two of BYO or drinks from the bar.

When it comes to food, the kids package is fantastic value. For $15, kids can make their pizza and also receive a juice, an activity pack with colouring in pencils and colouring book, and ice cream for dessert.

Kids making their own pizza

Kids making their own pizza

The kids pizza was delivered with the base prepared and the toppings in small containers ready for kids to add as they like.  My niece and nephew both opted for Hawaiian pizzas and had a great time sprinkling their bases with chopped pineapple, chopped ham and grated cheese.

Niece Indi making her own pizza

Niece Indi making her own pizza

As for the adult food, all I can do is apologise for the lack of photos. Hunger and the loving distraction of great family company meant I simply forgot to photograph my linguine with slow cooked lamb in a creamy sauce, a special for the night ($32). It was rich, comforting, and the lamb shredded and tender. If I’m to be completely critical, I would say the pasta was a tad overcooked and not perfectly al dente, but it was well seasoned and the taste was great.

The menu is organised into quarter planks, half planks and full planks. I can see how this could be confusing for some as planks conjure up images of sharing, but the dishes don’t all sound like the sort of dishes one would share.  The prices are moderate and the specials board changes regularly and is worth a look before ordering.

It was a busy night and the service was friendly, if a bit slow initially. The chipper waitress later explained that they were a staff member short which is why we had to wait for what felt like a year to get wine glasses, water, and order food. Luckily the nearby playground meant the kids were happy, which meant the parents, grandparents, aunt and uncle were happy too.

A terrific choice for parents wanting to catch up with other parents.
Score: 7 out of 10


The Peasant’s Table
148 Scarborough Beach Road, Mount Hawthorn
Tel: 08 9242 4297
Open every day for lunch and dinner, and breakfast Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
BYO and licensed.

The Peasant's Table on Urbanspoon

South Pacific – show review

Guest post by Kylee Symes

It was with a little trepidation I accepted tickets to South Pacific, as I have never been a Blue Heeler, Sea Patroller or fan of Lisa McCune in general. All second thoughts disappeared the moment our car key was handed to the valet at the impressively reinvented Burswood Crown in Perth. The air of excitement and the smiling, buzzing opening night crowd gathered in the foyer, a positive precursor for the performance ahead.

South Pacific is an American classic, set on two islands in The South Pacific during World War II, anti-racism sentiments in the second act adding depth and dimension to the narrative.

Kylee Symes at the opening night of South Pacific in Perth

Kylee Symes at the opening night of South Pacific in Perth

The depth and simplistic detail of the set, paired with the innovative lighting design, reflected beautiful Polynesian sunsets capturing the mood and moment of each scene. The backlit sky is almost a character in itself.

South Pacific is spectacular and Lisa is a highlight, totally owning her role as Nellie. Lisa’s Arkansas accent is authentic and fun, her performance joyfully fluid, transition between speech and song seamless.  Opening scenes filled with buff, bare chested sailors bouncing about the stage, an enticing entrée for the captivating energy on set to follow.

The Perth Symphony Orchestra delivered the legendary Rodgers & Hammerstein score with mesmerising perfection, the orchestral beauty and familiarity of songs like ‘Wash That Man Outa My Hair’ and ‘Some Enchanted Evening’ almost rendered the vocals irrelevant.

Teddy Tahu Rhodes’ (Emile) booming baritone lead was a little distracting and whilst his French accent was not convincing, his operatic expertise saved his performance. His imposing stature also worked to accentuate Lisa’s petite, nimble performance.

Christine Anu as Bloody Mary was fabulous, the brilliant costume complete with decaying dentures rendering the stunning star unrecognisable. Blake Bowden’s impressive performance as Lt Cable matched his physique, his superb shoulders and ripped torso bought to life by more skilled use of lighting design – a joy to watch.

I thoroughly enjoyed South Pacific, I only wish I got the memo about the streamers to throw on stage during the end ovation…. After enviously looking under my chair in case I missed my allocation on first glance, I made do with old-fashioned applause.

Kylee Symes is an aspiring writer, voracious reader, mum of two and guest blogger.


South Pacific – Starring Lisa McCune and Teddy Tahu Rhodes
The Crown Theatre – Bolton Ave, Burswood WA 6100
PERTH SEASON: from 10th November for a strictly limited four-week season.
Tickets from $74.90*

I hope you liked Kylee’s first guest post. Feedback encouraged either in the comments below, or on Travelletto’s Facebook page


Cupping and tasting coffee like a pro – igniting the senses

Perth coffee importers and roasters, 5 Senses, are passionate about their product and about how it is used. 5senses1

I was invited to a 5 Senses coffee cupping, which is how professionals in the global coffee industry taste coffee.  We tasted different types of single origin coffee this way – two from Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, and Panama.  Eight grams of coarsely ground coffee is placed in a cup (or glass in our case) and topped with water that is 95 degrees (just under boiling). It’s very important to let the coffee sit without agitation – no stirring. The coffee floats to the top of the glass and after three minutes or so, it forms a crust.


To taste the coffee, get close to the cup with your nose right over it, then with a soup or desert spoon and push back the crust layer of coffee that has formed on the top – do this three times smelling as you do.  Scoop some coffee (without grains) onto the spoon and slurp it loud, taking in as much air as you can. Then quickly smell the back of the spoon – for some reason, the smell is most intense on the back of the spoon.

The coffee made this way is not syrupy like it is when it comes out of a good espresso machine – it’s watery.  It was amazing the difference in taste. One of the coffees from Ethiopia was really grassy tasting, while the Geisha from Panama had an underlying sweetness and is described as “like a tea”. The Indian single origin was harsh and bitter, and the other Ethiopian tasted a bit earthy, dirty even.

If you want to taste coffee like a professional, this is how they do it around the world. Thanks 5 Senses for an interesting and informative cupping session.

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post and the cupping session was an event held for food bloggers who attended Eat Drink Blog in Perth 9-10 November.


Ace Pizza review – is this Perth’s best pizza?

Finally I made it to Ace Pizza in Perth’s inner city suburb, Highgate,. It’s run by the same people that run Cantina 663, a favourite of mine. There has been a lot of hype around Ace Pizza, many touting it as the best pizza in Perth.

Aperol spritz

Aperol spritz

Finding the entrance can be tricky – it’s not at the front of the building, but down the alley on the side. Walking in, the huge floor to ceiling wooden framed windows and a neon pizza sign hanging above a dark mural on the wall an make an impact.  The place is buzzing and it’s barely 6.30pm.  Cosy circular booths flank on wall, high tables and with swivel chairs flank the other wall and there are tables running both sides down a middle partition. The high ceiling  is patterned with large decorative domes and the place it lit with stage lights.

The service is snappy with friendly Gen Y’s efficiently taking our drinks order – and even waited patiently while we debated if we’d ever seen Peroni beer in a can before. Apparently, Ace Pizza is the only place in Perth that has Peroni by the can. I ordered an Aperol Spritz, my favourite Italian aperitif. It was fine, topped with too much soda (should really be just a dash – like the way the Italians make it), and I would have preferred more Aperol. Normally the taste of an Aperol Spritz evokes memories of Rome, but this one didn’t.

The menu is small with some traditional pizzas like the Margherita, although Ace Pizza calls their’s “the o.p” ($17) – I’m not sure why. We ordered that, a Pig Town with pepperoni, pancetta, pecorino, onion, mozzarella and san marzano tomato ($24), and the Lincoln Lady with hot salami, anchovies, olives, mozzarella, and san marzano tomato ($20) – ssshh, don’t tell anyone but we ordered it without without the hot salami. Our waitress told us they don’t normally permit topping changes and checked with the kitchen before accepting our order.

Margherita aka "the o.p" at Ace Pizza

Margherita aka “the o.p” at Ace Pizza

My theory is that you judge a good pizza place by their Margherita.  Ace Pizza’s version is quite good, but it could have done with another minute in the wood-fired oven. The thin base wasn’t crisp enough in the centre making each slice flop when held. The topping was good – the tomato sauce was well seasoned, the cheese was used sparingly which I think is best (or the pizza gets too sloppy), and fresh basil leaves added after cooking.

It’s not as good as Neighborhood Pizza‘s Margherita, which I maintain to be the best pizza place in Perth. Neighborhood Pizza’s wood fired oven consistently cooks  thin and crisp base and they make a  rich tomato sauce that is packed full of flavour, like it has been cooked down for hours.

Pig Town pizza

Pig Town pizza

The Pig Town pizza wasn’t for me only because the pepperoni was too spicy for my mild palate. The crust was thin, crisp on the outer edge, same well-seasoned tomato base sauce, and thankfully, well cooked red onions.

Lincoln Lady pizza

Lincoln Lady pizza

The Lincoln Lady pizza crust was like the other two, crisp on the edge and a bit droopy in the centre. Anchovies packed a salty punch along with the olives. Overall, the Margherita was the best pizza we ordered.

Tiramisu donut

Tiramisu donut

Tiramisu donut

Tiramisu donut

For dessert, I had to try the tiramisu donut ($5), which sounded like a dream. The reality was nothing like the dream, and nothing like a tiramisu. Really, they should call it something else because a tiramisu paints a picture of soft sponge layers, strong coffee laced with liqueur, and sweet creamy mascarpone. What I got was what looked like jam donut, topped with crunchy shards of sugar, and filled with a chocolatey ice-cream with crushed nuts, which oozed out and was described by one of my dining companions as looking like bird poo.

It was a cold dessert and between three of us, we left half of it to be taken away by the waitress. Perhaps the bird poo comment put us all off. It was not memorable in a good way, not as light and pillowy as other jam donuts I’ve had. I was full from pizza and it wasn’t good enough for me to force myself to eat it.

Two other desserts feature on the menu: nemesis choc cake ($11) and ace soft serve ($7).


The atmosphere at Ace Pizza is great, albeit quite loud so hard to hear each other speak.  The service is good, the prices are very reasonable, and the pizza is okay, pretty good even. Out of ten, I’d give Ace Pizza a score of 7.5.


Ace Pizza
448 Beaufort St, Highgate
Tel 0499 448 000

Open 7 days from 5.30pm til late

Ace Pizza on Urbanspoon

Divido: Back to Balkan – first class value

Once every six weeks, Divido in Mount Hawthorn hosts a special set menu titled Back to Balkans, inspired by Greek, Macedonian, and Croatian food. Priced at $65 per head, it is a contender for Perth’s best value quality dining set menu.

The woodfired oven in the kitchen produces incredibly flavoured food prepared by chefs with cultural heritages that match the cuisine. Head chef Jon Archondakis started his apprenticeship in 2007 under owner and executive chef Jason Jajnovic.

“I absolutely working with Jason – he is a chef who always gets it right,” Achondakis said.

Karlovačko Croatian beer

Karlovačko Croatian beer

The wine list had enough choices of different varietals weighted with Italian and European wines, offering the best in category for price, rather than pandering to the parochial. It’s great to see a wine list with reasonable priced wines. The Croatian Karlovačko was the perfect aperitif on a warm day: malty, crisp beer.

Friendly professional service, a warm inviting restaurant with soft chocolate decor, cosy booths and first class food make it hard to fault Divido. Put it this way, I didn’t need to reach for the salt once or the wine to top up our glasses all night.

Like Divido on Facebook to stay up to date with their special dinners and events. They have a special Melbourne Cup luncheon at $80 per head includes a three course meal and a glass of Moet & Chandon on arrival. The menu looks fantastic and I’ve been told bookings are necessary if you don’t want to miss out.

This is our Back to Balkans dinner, a celebration feast of St Andrew of Constantinople:


Sarma - pickled cabbage rolls with veal mince, rice and smoked ribs

Sarma: Pickled cabbage rolls, veal mince, rice and smoked ribs. Hearty, great chunky terrine like texture, and the pickled leaves cut through the richness of the filling. The accompanying delicate tomato based sauce was flavoured with the smoky rib. There wasn’t much meat on the rib, however the cabbage roll was very generous.


Tarama - fish roe dip

Tarama – fish roe dip

Tarama: Fish roe dip. My mother in law makes fantastic tarama, but Divido’s one would have met her standards. It was silky smooth, buttery texture, salty and drizzled with olive oil. Teamed with crusty crunchy bread thins, I honestly wanted to buy a tub of it to take home. Salty, savoury, smooth, creamy but a little grainy, it was the perfect pink tarama. I wish they sold it by the tub!

Bakaliarossalata: Spring sald , broad beans, peas, salt cod.  Fresh crisp palate cleansing salad.


Kazunakia - Cretan feta and mint pies, and Guba - Macedonian pumpkin pastries

Kazunakia – Cretan feta and mint pies, and Guba – Macedonian pumpkin pastries

Kalzunakia: Cretan feta and mint pies drizzled with honey. Unusual sounding, these little mini samosa looking bits were a bit dry, but full of salty feta, sweet pea, fresh mint and the drizzle of sticky honey over the top added a sweet finish.

Guba:  Macedonian pumpkin pastries. Succulent sweet pumpkin flesh incased in buttery flakey pastry. Rich, sweet, and something I’d love to eat every single day. An unusual dish – I’ve not come across too many pumpkin pastry dishes before, but it was perfectly executed.




Moussaka: Layers of rabbit stew with eggplant and potato. Succulent delicate chunks of rabbit (no strong gamey taste), with meaty eggplant slices and cinnamon, orange zest and bay leaf infused sauce.

Perfectly matched to the Barossa semillion we had ordered (bottle $50).



Woodfired whole roasted lamb with garlic, rosemary and anchovy

Woodfired whole roasted lamb with garlic, rosemary and anchovy

Arni:  Whole lamb, roasted in woodfired oven for the duration of a Greek Priest’s sermon, with garlic, anchovy and rosemary, served with rosemary and salt infused bread.

The lamb fell off the bone, the meat was juicy, balanced hints of garlic, fragrant rosemary and the saltiness from the anchovies came through with each mouthful.

My husband would have thought he’d died and gone to heaven eating Divido’s lamb. Faultless.

Kupus Salate - Croatian coleslaw

Kupus Salate – Croatian coleslaw

Kupus Salate: HERO dish. Coleslaw, Croatian coleslaw. Who would’ve thought I would have loved coleslaw so much? I always avoid the gluggy cabbagy overly tangy dish at every bbq.

Divido surprised me with their version. Finely shredded savoy cabbage, shaved carrot, red onion, radish, all dressed with a balanced white wine vinaigrette. Not a dollop of mayonnaise in sight, thank goodness.

Fresh and crisp, it cut through the richness of the other dishes and left my mouth feeling cleansed.

Gosak sa slaninom: Peas and bacon

Gosak sa slaninom: Peas and bacon

Fidhe: Greek macaroni and cheese.  Made with risoni, a pasta shaped like swollen grains of rice, this dish wasn’t overly cheesy and with all the other glorious food in front of us, didn’t excite me.

Grosak sa slaninom: Green peas and bacon. Much like the Italian piselli e pancetta. Flavour marriage made in heaven and a perfect side dish. Exactly like my mum makes.




Palačinke - baked crepes with fruits, Kourambiethes - Greek short bread

Palačinke – baked crepes with fruits, Kourambiethes – Greek short bread

Kourambiethes: Greek shortbread. Imagine nutty denser melting moments that crunch, crumble then melt away on your tongue in an instant. Flavoured with almonds and cloves, topped with a thick layer of icing sugar, my Greek mother in law would have approved of these ones.

Kosiniak - Macedonian brioche with almond filling

Kosiniak – Macedonian brioche with almond filling

Palačinke: Baked crepes with spring fruits. My favourite dessert. Thin layers of crepes, filled with vanilla, orange, marmalade and brown sugar. Sweet, fruity, with a bit of acid from the orange and the mellowness of the vanilla and a sticky syrup over the top – almost a perfect dessert (just needed chocolate, somewhere – I love chocolate!)

Kosiniak: Macedonian brioche with almond filling. This was like a cake and given the above two desserts was perfect and my tummy full, the brioche didn’t capture my attention.



Divido has consisted been listed in Perth’s top ten best restaurant for years, with good reason. The food is beautifully prepared, rustic and tasty, the service is first class and the ambience is the right balance of buzzy and intimate. For what you are paying, it is terrific value for exceptional dining. Best thing of all, it’s open on Monday nights making it a perfect choice for birthdays and other anniversaries that happen to fall on a Monday. A winner, every time.


170 Scarborough Beach Road, Mount Hawthorn WA
Tel: 08 9443 7373
Divido Facebook Page

Open Monday to Saturday 6pm to late. Closed Sundays. Fully licensed

Divido on Urbanspoon