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Eating the most delicious spaghetti con frutta di mare (seafood) in a little trattoria on the Sicilian island of Panarea.

Travel and great food: these are two loves of my life. New experiences and discoveries are my driving force; I crave adventure. I’m certain I’d go crazy if I don’t have an adventure to look forward to that’s booked — be it a weekend in Margaret River or a three month European odyssey, it doesn’t matter. As long as I know for certain that there’s travel in the near future, then everything (and everyone) will be okay.

About Dianne Bortoletto

I enjoy learning about new cultures, find humour in every day things, seek out great gourmet indulges, whether generated in my kitchen, from a street vendor, in an unassuming cafe, or at a fine dining exquisite and expensive restaurant. I’m a people watcher, a story teller, avid photographer and videographer and I love to write. One thing that people find strange is that I really enjoy shopping in supermarkets in foreign countries — it’s not weird!

Born to Italian parents, I’m a Melbourne girl who has lived in Canberra, Sydney, London, Rome for a short time, before finally adopting Perth, Western Australia as home.

I’m a PR professional and I work for myself at Pronto PR. I am often engaged by clients to write for them – be it for the media, brochures, websites and newsletters. More about my day job can be found here. I’m also a freelance writer and have been published in a number of magazines and media outlets, you can read more about that here.

Married to a wonderful husband of Greek heritage, you will find many references to ‘Zorba’ in my posts.  We share a passion for food and for travelling.  He can be the ‘spending police’ — which is probably a good thing because if I could, I’d win a gold medal for Australia with my spending talents. We also have a little gorgeous West Highland Terrier pup called Bella.

About Travelletto

Travelletto founder Dianne Bortoletto began blogging in 2007, when blogging was still a mystery to many. The blog evolved from a personal travel diary to a source of entertainment that has attracted a steady stream of readers. Dianne purchased the url in early 2012. is a blog about eating and travel. Its aim is to take the reader on a delicious journey.

Come on a journey with me. If you crack a smile, laugh out loud, gasp in shock, screw your face up in grotesqueness, widen your eyes in anticipation and excitement, start drooling over food photos and descriptions, or feel warm and fuzzy inside, then this blog has done its job.


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