Cape Lodge Cooking Masterclass with chef Tony Howell

I was thrilled that an invitation to attend Cape Lodge‘s cooking class with WA’s favourite chef Tony Howell coincided with a trip down south to Margaret River. I’ll declare straight away that chef Tony Howell is a client of mine at Pronto PR. He is an amazing chef and so great with people (which is why Tourism WA engage him to represent the state). The other 20 people in the masterclass said the same so I thought you’d be interested to hear more too.

Cape Lodge, a stunning country manor style boutique hotel in the Margaret River region, runs cooking classes each month, usually with a different theme – French Bistro, Truffles, Bastille Day, Spring Lamb, Festive Season and the like. Our class was on the Art of Fish.

Here’s a little video I made about it.


Tony demonstrated how to fillet three kinds of fish: nannygai, salmon and dhu fish. He talked about buying fish, the difference between line caught and net caught fish, filleting fish and how to fillet different kinds of fish, what to do with the skin, bones, heads and other remains and demonstrated how to make:

  • fish stock
  • fish jus
  • gravlax
  • smoked tartare
  • smoked salmon
  • seafood chowder
  • pan fried nannygai
  • lemon and ricotta tart

He talked about Chilli Jam and his famous Asian Broth and asked restaurant manager Marco to print those recipes off for us as well.

After a 2.5-hour cooking masterclass (actually, was closer to three hours!), we took a walk through Cape Lodge’s kitchen garden where Chef Tony pointed out edible flowers and we picked a few for tasting. We also picked cucumber melons – mini cucumbers that look like watermelons and grow on vines. We then headed into the restaurant for a much-welcomed glass of Cape Lodge Semillion Sauvignon and sat down to a four-course lunch. Incredible value when you think it’s just $145 per person which includes lunch with a generous amount of wine. If your other half doesn’t fancy sitting through the masterclass, they can join you for lunch for $95.

Chef Tony Howell cooking class

Chef Tony Howell filleting a nannygai with a big screen for us to see it being done

Lunch was incredible – housemade sourdough (the mother was started 15+ years ago) with whipped truffle butter (so luscious I could bathe in that butter!), smoked salmon, salmon gravlax, salmon tartare on squid ink cracker (my dish of the day), seafood chowder (hot contender for dish of the day), nannygai with artichoke puree and lemon and ricotta tart. Every course was executed perfectly – looking down the table, everyone else’s plates were as clean as mine after every course.

We left with a little pack of recipes, completely full stomachs and smiles from ear to ear. It was a great way to spend a day.

seafood chowder

Seafood chowder – it tasted as good as it looks


Going to Cape Lodge is always a treat and to dine in the restaurant even more so, eating delicious dishes made with top quality local produce (besides the salmon which is from Tasmania) that’s been prepared with care. There’s a reason why Cape Lodge is where all the top chefs stay when in the region for Gourmet Escape and why Tourism WA sends media and other VIPs there.

I’ve got my eye on the Black Truffles and Mushrooms masterclass on 15 June. For a list of upcoming cooking classes, visit Cape Lodge website.


Cape Lodge 
Caves Road, Yallingup, WA 6282
Tel: 08 9755 6311

Cooking class starts 11am, $145 pp includes lunch with Cape Lodge wines

salmon gravlax by chef tony howell


Disclosure: Dianne Bortoletto was invited to attend the Cape Lodge cooking class and chef Tony Howell is a client of Dianne’s at Pronto PR

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Rottnest Cruise and Wild Seafood Feast

When the email pinged in my inbox inviting me on a Wild Seafood Experience and cruise on Rottnest Island (20km off the coast of Perth), I signed up straight away. The new tour is an ocean-to-plate boat cruise called Wild Seafood Experience by Rottnest Cruises, blending two of Western Australia’s great icons − Rottnest Island and the Western Rock Lobster (crayfish).

The 2.5-hour cruise is the first-ever interactive seafood tour – and by interactive I mean passengers catch lunch – on Rottnest Island. It was a stunning summer’s day and the cruise on Rottnest Cruises’ multi-level charter vessel around to Parakeet Bay, with an ice cold beer in hand, was sheer bliss.  Here’s a short video about our day:

On the way we stopped to catch lunch, taking it in turns to haul up the cray pots, cheering as each one of the six pots was raised on board with several crayfish inside. Pots were rebaited  with fish heads, and the crays removed. Each lobster was measured to ensure it met compliance, quick photo for insta, then in the crate to be prepared for lunch. It was fun and interesting – I’d never caught a lobster before.

Before lunch, we jumped in crystal clear Indian Ocean for a swim, while crewman Kent was busy shucking oysters for us, then in a first for me, passed me one as I was swimming. Eating freshly shucked oysters while in the ocean, heaven! We devoured an elaborate banquet of sea-fresh delicacies that included Mandurah blue swimmer crabs, king prawns, fresh fish tacos, marinated Fremantle octopus, loads of salads and of course just-caught crayfish, cooked live in an open, on-board kitchen. All this, while taking in Rottnest’s Insta-perfect views and enjoying unlimited beer, wine and bubbles. Now, that’s living.

I was invited, but I wouldn’t rave about anything to you unless I thought it was exceptional, and Rottnest Cruises’ Wild Seafood Experience is exceptional. For a short time, it’s just $175 per adult, totally worth it. The boat caters for 30 guests and a new slightly bigger boat will be in operation soon.

Rottnest lighthouse from boat


Rottnest Cruises’ Wild Seafood Experience operates from Rottnest Island daily from 11am to 1.30pm. Introductory cruise cost (valid until February 28, 2019) is $175 per adult or $125 per child (not ideal for children under 5) and is fully inclusive of three courses (canapes, seafood buffet lunch and dessert), with unlimited beverages.

For bookings, phone +61 8 9586 1136 or visit

Did you know…?

The western rock lobster is one of the family of ‘spiny’ lobsters, colourful and protected by a strong carapace. They are sometimes called ‘crayfish’ or ‘crays’. They canlive for more than 20 years and grow to weigh 5 kg. But due to fishing rules, fishers rarely catch animals heavier than 3 kg. When temperatures are cooler they mature at six to seven years old, when their carapace reaches a length of about 90 mm. In warmer water they mature at smaller sizes, usually at about 70 mm.


To read more, head to the Department of Fisheries website here.



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Why you shouldn’t miss the Gourmet Escape this year

The countdown is on for greatest food and wine festival in the county, the Margaret River Gourmet Escape this year held from 16 to 18 November 2018, and in the event’s six-year history, this is not one to miss.

Why go this year?

In my opinion, the biggest reason to go this year isn’t Nigella Lawson or Rick Stein. Next year, the Gourmet Escape will evolve to align with the State Government’s strategy to drive more tourists to Perth (to fill all the new hotel beds), so a new element will be added in a different location, namely, in the Swan Valley. The Gourmet Escape will also take place next year in Margaret River and they say it’ll be similar … but one can never be too sure. That said, this year’s line up is as epic as ever with so many amazing dinners, lunches, talks, cooking demos, book signings, masterclasses and more – you’d be crazy to miss it. Besides, FOMO! We all know that feeling of seeing everyone else post about an epic event.

I’ve posted in the past some simple steps to follow to make the most of your Gourmet Escape weekend – read it here.

The major festival component, the Gourmet Village, returns to Leeuwin Estate Winery on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 November from 11am to 6pm, where visitors can sample the best food, wine, beer, cider and produce the Margaret River region and WA has to offer.

Festival goers can meet some of the world’s most-loved and respected culinary talent including Nigella Lawson, Rick Stein, Skye Gyngell, Ashley Palmer-Watts and more as they appear at attractions within the Gourmet Village throughout the weekend.

A party vibe is assured with live music across the weekend, provided by some of WA’s most exciting artists, including DJ Rio De Niro who will be resident DJ on the Chef’s Amphitheatre on both days.

This year will see the return of some of the Village’s most popular attractions and installations along with new experiences for both the budget-conscious and the high flyers.

Margaret River Gourmet Escape Village

Margaret River Gourmet Escape Village

What’s new at the Village this year:

  • Kids 16 and under gain free entry and there’s plenty to keep them entertained.
    (I’m not sure how I feel about this. I like that most people don’t bring their kids to the Gourmet Village – it means the parents can relax for once and enjoy themselves, and for the non-parents out there, there’s no need to tolerate other people’s little darlings running around or whining that they are bored / hungry / tired / hot / sick, or worse, wandering off causing panic, etc. I say, parents, have a day off and leave the little ones if you can.Just imagine all those uninterrupted conversations you can have. p.s. I love my friends’ kids, it’s fun when they are free of them.)
  • The Little Kitchen Garden will prove the Village isn’t just for grown-ups. Children, and the whole family, can learn the importance of food and community. Each half-hour class will introduce children and their parents to the pleasures of growing and cooking their own food. Note keywords: “and their parents” – this isn’t a babysitting service or a kids club.
  • Consuming Conversations – an intimate gathering with some of the world’s most influential foodies, hosted by food writer Max Brearley.
  • The Wine Hub – a series of informal and engaging wine tastings hosted by acclaimed wine critic Nick Stock.
  • The West Winds Gin Masterclasses – Over 50% of the botanicals used in The West Winds Gins are indigenous to Australia. Visitors can learn more about their blends, the distilling process and enjoy a range of tastings in these informative and interactive masterclasses.
  • Regional Flavours – cooking demonstrations hosted by Rebecca Sullivan (from Warndu) with local chefs showcasing local producers from around Margaret River and beyond.
  • MasterChef 2018 finalist and local Samira Damirova will be keeping her MasterChef mates Reece and Brendan busy as they serve her delicious menu at her pop-up restaurant – Lavash by Sam’s Foodie Goods.
  • Black Brewing Co farmhouse ale & food matching – guests can sample limited release farmhouse ales by Black Brewing Co, paired with food matchings from their Caves Road Collective kitchen and learn about this lesser known seasonal beer style that’s rapidly growing in popularity.
  • Wine & Sign – the most fun anyone is likely to have at a book signing. Limited tickets still available for Rick Stein’s session – includes a copy of his new Road to Mexico book and a glass of wine.
Margaret River Gourmet Escape Village good times

Good times at the Margaret River Gourmet Escape Village

Popular returning attractions and experiences:

  • Chef’s Amphitheatre – hosted by multi-talented comedian, actor and TV and radio presenter Matt Okine. Guests can enjoy on-stage demos, talks and taste-offs by some of the world’s best food talent – this year appearing in pairs for even more entertainment. Includes Nigella Lawson, Rick Stein, Monica Galetti, Ashley Palmer-Watts, Skye Gyngell, Laetitia Rouabah and more.
  • The Butchers Block presented by Australian Good Meat – Past My Kitchen Rules winners Will and Steve will host meat mastery cooking demos and meat and wine pairings with canapés and more.
  • Meet the Makers – festivalgoers are invited to talk and taste wine with some of the sharpest palates in the game including Emma Farrelly (State Buildings)  and Chris Morrison (award winning sommelier, wine communicator and educator)
  • Bar Felix – a fusion of food and wine innovation and a sophisticated refuge featuring Vasse Felix wines, a wine school with the makers and delicious meals from their chefs.
  • Leeuwin Estate Wine Theatre – an immersive food and wine pairing experience featuring five iconic Leeuwin Estate Art Series Wines perfectly matched with seasonal canapés.
  • Devil’s Lair Winery and Masterclass – guests can meet the winemakers and take a masterclass with matched cheeses.
Nigella Lawson

Nigella Lawson

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Ten things you need to know about Truffle Kerfuffle

Truffle Kerfuffle from 22 to 24 June celebrates one of the world’s most luxurious ingredients, fresh black truffles and will be held just minutes from where they are unearthed in Manjimup. Here are ten things you need to know about the festival and the prized nuggets of “black gold”.

1. The real stars of Truffle Kerfuffle – truffles from the Southern Forests 

At the epicentre of Truffle Kerfuffle is the true star of the show, the Tuber melanosporum, otherwise known as the black Périgord truffle, which is prized for its rarity and beguiling aroma. Truffles are affectionately known as “black gold”, a reference to their value, fetching prices between $2 and $3 a gram. Their season is short from June to August, and you only need a small amount to transform a dish from ordinary to sublimely extraordinary. Truffle Kerfuffle chefs will show you how in the free demonstrations in the Festival Village. There’s no better place to buy freshly unearthed truffles than at the marketplace at the Truffle Kerfuffle Festival Village.

Truffle Kerfuffle Festival Village. Photo: Jessica Wyld
2. The heart of the action – the Festival Village

The beautiful setting at Fonty’s Pool offers an amazing truffle experience and is the perfect place to smell, taste, buy and learn about black truffle and Southern Forests wine and produce. There’s free tastings, free cooking demonstrations, truffle dog demos, children’s activities, a chance to chat to producers, farmers and wine makers, live music and much more. There’s even a chance to win fresh truffle by playing Truffle Bocce and Tombola. The Festival Village is the vibrant hub of Truffle Kerfuffle weekend and offers a unique chance to indulge in black truffles at their freshest, minutes from where they are unearthed. The Festival Village is at Fonty’s Pool open 10am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday. Tickets are $35 and include all weekend access, a free tote bag and tasting glass – more info here.

Truffle Kerfuffle Festival Village. Photo: Jessica Wyld
3. Take your experience to the next level 

Indulge a little and have world-renowned chefs prepare decadent truffle dishes at one of the many events on during Truffle Kerfuffle. There are a few extra tickets just released for the Hunter’s Breakfast with Scott Brannigan, a new Fervor lunch and masterclass on Friday (BYO), Dark Delights Dinner with George Cooper on Saturday night, Foragers Seasonal Truffle Dinner with Sophie Zalokar also on Saturday night, and an extra truffle hunt added to Sunday. At the Festival Village there are a few spots available at The Shed wine sessions and a couple of seats around the table at The Chef’s Cabin series with Mark Best, Bruno Loubet and Marianne Lumb.

Photo: Jessica Shaver
4. Manjimup produces more truffles than the rest of Australia combined

Almost 90% of black truffles produced in Australia come from Manjimup. As the largest producer in the southern hemisphere the region has secured its place on the global culinary map. You see, Truffle Kerfuffle really is in the heart of Australian truffle country.

Photo: Jessica Wyld
5. Truffle hunts

Fossicking through forests of hazelnut or oak tress with clever canines hunting for truffles is a quintessential truffle experience. The Truffle Kerfuffle hunts are selling fast but there are a few places still available. Choose from renowned truffle growers Oak Valley Truffles, Australian Truffle Traders or with chef and truffle grower David Coomer at his truffière. Most tickets include shuttle buses from the Festival Village to the truffle orchard and self-drive options are available on the Friday.

Photo: Richard Jefferson
6. The best fresh produce

The Southern Forests is a food producer’s dream and in the Festival Village you’ll have the chance to taste your way through the region. The pristine environment, rich loamy soils and crisp mornings produce the best quality fruit and veg including avocados, finger limes, potatoes, apples and the prized Bravo apple, pumpkins, persimmons and stone fruit, in fact, the region produces over 50 different types of fruit, vegetable and nuts as well as milk, beef, marron and a host of other food types. And let’s not forget the reason we’re here, the revered black truffle.

Photo: Jessica Wyld
7. Free kids cooking classes and activities Saturday and Sunday 

There’s heaps to keep children entertained at Truffle Kerfuffle on both Saturday and Sunday. At the Truffle Experience kids will be able to look at a truffle through a microscope and learn about the science behind great truffles, there’s a drawing station with worksheets, Kids Cooking School with Sophie Budd powered by Winning Appliances which is free with festival entry, just put your name down for the time slot on arrival. Times are 11am Southern Forests Sliders (12-16years); 12.30 Karri Country Gnocchi (6-12 years); 2pm Bravo Apple Fritters (6-12years); 3.30pm Potato Play Dough (little ones).  This is a hands-on class and a parent is required to attend.

Lots of free activities for the kids at the Festival Village. Photo: Jessica Wyld
8. Truffle Donut 

Yes, you read that right. The clever folk from The Heritage Wine Bar have created a delectable donut with truffle infused crème patisserie, Southern Forests honey and Pottinger truffle. Enough said, get in my belly now. Only available at the Truffle Kerfuffle Festival Village.

Truffle Donut
9. Truffle Negroni  

Don’t miss the experiencing possibly the best cocktail ever invented, a Walnut and Truffle Negroni at the Campari Bar at the Truffle Kerfuffle Festival Village.  They’ll also be serving up classic Italian cocktails including the Classic Negroni, a decadent drink in its own right with bitterness from Campari mixed with the sweetness from vermouth giving it a rich flavour profile. Our tip is to indulge a little and pimp your drink with walnut infused gin, dark chocolate bitters and finish with a garnish of fresh truffle shaving. Walnut and Truffle Negroni, keeping you warm this winter and only at the Truffle Kerfuffle Festival Village.

Truffle Negroni
10. Truffle Kerfuffle attracts big names

Jack Stein, Paul West, James Viles, Anna Gare, Matthew Evans and Guy Grossi have appeared at Truffle Kerfuffle in the past and this year the line up is more impressive than ever before. Guy Grossi returns this year and joins Australian legend Mark Best, Sam Aisbett (Whitegrass, Singapore / Australia), Marianne Lumb (Marianne’s, London UK), Bruno Loubet (UK/Australia), Scott Brannigan (Bread in Common, Perth), Tony Howell (Cape Lodge, South West), Paul Iskov, Fervor (South West), Aaron Carr (Yarri, South West), George Cooper (Food by The Chef, South West), David Coomer (Southern Forests / Perth), Sophie Zalokar, (Foragers, South West), Sue Hutchins (Shadow Wine Bar, Perth) as well as wine expert Rachael Niall (Budburst Bar, Perth), chocolatier Sue Lewis (Perth) and food journalists Max Veenhuyzen (Broadsheet, Qantas, Gourmet Traveller) and John Lethlean (The Australian).

Bonus: Know the lingo

Truffière – the French name for a place where truffles are grown. It is pronounced TRUE-fee-air. If you can’t find the grave è in Word, it is ok to write it ‘truffiere’ or call it a truffle orchard or truffle patch. But there’s no such word as ‘truffery’ or ‘trufferie’ in any dictionary.

Truffier – the person who grows truffles is, in French, a truffier without an accented e, pronounced TRUE-fee-er but they call themselves truffle growers.

Essential Info

Date:  22-24 June 2018
Location: Fonty’s Pool, Manjimup, Western Australia

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Ten moments of greatness during the Margaret River Pro

Now, if you’ve been living under a rock you might’ve missed that the Margaret River Pro 2018 was cancelled by the World Surf League (WSL) on 18 April 2018 after two shark attacks happened 15km north of the event. With beached whales to the north and south of the event site, together with some high profile surfers publicly voicing concerns about safety, the WSL made the call the cancel the event.

Before going on, I’ll disclose that the Margaret River Pro is a client – I was engaged again by Surfing WA to manage the local PR for the event.

Naturally, having worked closely with the event team, I was devastated for them, a truly disappointing way to end the event. If you’ve ever worked in major events, you know what’s involved – the many months of hard work, many hours of working around the clock (what weekend?), the logistics, the Gov approvals, dealing with sponsors, vendors, stakeholders and the community, and managing the media (my job).  On the flip side, had the event continued and a pro surfer was attacked, that would have been so much worse. So I understand the decision: better to be safe than sorry.

Despite the anti-climatic end to the Margaret River Pro, there were some epic moments to remember both in and out of the water, I suppose like discovering a barrel while surfing a wave of disappointment. Here’s my top ten of great things that happened during the 2018 Margaret River Pro:

  1. Watching the world’s best tackle North Point – some say it’s one of the best waves on the WSL Championship Tour (CT) and that was clearly demonstrated during Round 1 of men’s competition at the Margaret River Pro. North Point is known for some of the longest and most intense barrels in the world.

    North Point wave

    North Point, Margaret River. Photo:

  2. Witnessing history being made as the WSL CT women’s Round 1 competition took place at North Point for the first time ever. Tatiana Weston-Webb was most impressive scoring a 9-point wave and the highest score of any surfer, both male and female, at North Point.

    Tatiana Weston-Webb at North Point

    Tatiana Weston-Webb at North Point. Photo: WSL/Dunbar

  3. Hosting the first-ever surf off between third-placed WA Trials finishers Jack Robinson and Jerome Forrest – the winner of the surf off, Jack Robinson, earned a place in the Margaret River Pro replacing injured WSL CT surfer Caio Ibelli who broke his foot the day before the competition started.

    Jack Robinson at North Point

    Jack Robinson surfing North Point, Margaret River. Photo:

  4. Cheering for locals competing on their home breaks. Margaret River’s Jack Robinson made the most of his opportunity impressing everyone as he competed on one of his favourite waves, North Point. Dubbed the unofficial King of North Point, Robinson caught barrel after barrel, no doubt putting the fear in some of the pro surfers who were hoping not to be matched against him in Round 3 and beyond. Kael Walsh was another local wildcard who shook things up in his maiden CT event taking down CT world title challenger Matt Wilkinson to progress into Round 3.

    Jack Robinson

    Wildcard Jack Robinson (AUS) advances directly to Round 3 of the 2018 Margaret River Pro after winning Heat 3 of Round 1 at North Point, Margaret River, WA, Australia. Photo: WSL/Cestari

  5. Watching local surf inspiration Bronte Macaulay, the only West Australian on the WSL CT, rip, shred and generally look impressive on her home waves, earning herself quarter finals spot – she really shone at Main Break during Rounds 2 and 3. Unfortunately the competition was cancelled before she had a chance to possibly finish with her best career result to date.

    Bronte Macaulay surfer

    Bronte Macaulay. Photo:

  6. Saving a life. A member of the public was knocked unconscious while surfing at South Point on Saturday 14 April, a break opposite the bay to North Point where the Margaret River Pro was taking place. The surfer went under and was spotted face down in the water by someone in the car park and the quick-thinking local promptly called Margaret River Pro’s safety team leader at Water Patrol Australia. Jet skis were immediately deployed and they brought the surfer to the North Point competition site where the event doctor and ambulance treated the man and administered oxygen. He was airlifted to Bunbury Hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. Had it not been for the swift actions of the Margaret River Pro safety team and WSL medics, it almost certainly would have been a fatal surfing accident.

    Water Patrol Australia North Point

    Water Patrol Australia North Point. Photo: Instagram WaterPatrol_australia

  7. It’s been heart-warming to see the community rally together to support a fellow surfer and Margaret River Pro site crew member, Alex Travaglini, who was attacked by a shark while he was surfing (on a day off) at Cobblestones, 15km north of Surfers Point. Surfing WA and WSL donated signed surfboards from John John Florence, Julian Wilson and Filipe Toledo, Jeep Leader vests signed by Stephanie Gilmore and Julian Wilson, merchandise packs and more which, together with other donated items from local businesses, were auctioned and raffled at a fundraising event held at The Common in Gnarabup on Friday 20 April raising almost $11K.  A Go Fund Me page for Alex has raised in excess of $15K to date.

    Raffle and auction items

    Some of the prizes on offer to fundraise for Margaret River Pro site worker Alex Travaglini who was attacked by a shark. Photo: WSL / Cestari

  8. Hearing that Alex Travaglini is going to make a full recovery after he was attacked by a shark attack near Gracetown. Fellow surfers who were on the scene applied tourniquets to his legs and paramedics commented that those actions almost certainly saved his legs and possibly his life. Good news indeed. A reminder that Surfing WA offers free first aid training designed for surfers – just 2.5 hours in duration, it could save a mate’s life. Visit for more.

    Alex Travaglini fundraising

    Alex Travaglini Go Fund Me page

  9. Trawling through social media seeing world-famous surfers enjoying themselves in the Margaret River region. Sebastien ‘Seabass’ Zietz went abseiling, John John Florence visited caves and lunched at Leeuwin Estate, surfing siblings Owen, Tyler and Mikey Wright lunched at Robert Oakley Winery, Lakey Peterson and Joanne Defay had a behind-the-scenes tour of Stella Bella winery and WSL commentators enjoyed lunch at Aravina Estate. John John Florence had three floats at Floating Europhia (it’s amazing if you haven’t tried it). Some ventured further afield, Stephanie Gilmore was spotted at Rottnest Island with Sally Fitzgibbons and Coco Ho and Owen Wright with his family did a road trip to Kalbarri, staying in WA for a week after the event. Adding to the warm and fuzzies are the messages of support for Margaret River posted by some surfers after the event cancellation was announced.

    John John Florence at Floating Europhia.

    John John Florence at Floating Europhia. Photo: Instagram floating_euphoria

  10. Seeing the awe and delight on the faces of local kids who watch the contest and line the fence waiting patiently for autographs and selfies with their surf heroes. The groms are Western Australia’s future surf champions, quite possibly future Olympians, and seeing them so inspired is always one of the biggest rewards of staging the Pro and this year was no exception. New WSL partner Hurley immersed themselves in the community running the surf club for local groms, managing the surf caddies and taking some pro surfers along to join the Hawks Margaret River Junior Football Club training session.

    Kael Walsh signs autographs

    WA wildcard Kael Walsh signs autographs for groms. Photo: Pronto PR

Since WSL cancelled the Margaret River Pro, many of the world’s best surfers posted that they are looking forward to returning to Margaret River next year, and we’re looking forward to hosting them.

The Margaret River Pro has a long history holding surfing competitions and there is one more year in the contract with WSL.

coco ho instagram

WSL CT surfer Coco Ho on Instagram stories – love you WA


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