Who we are – my family

This page is dedicated to my family.

The Italians

The family consists of:

  1. Mum = Gina Bortoletto 60-something years young and a great cook and organiser
  2. Dad =  Walter Bortoletto 60-something years old and a wine lover
  3. Me = Dianne Bortoletto, 40-ish, PR professional and married to Andrew Petrelis, no kids, puppy called Bella, proudly Australian and Italian
  4. Zorba = Andrew Petrelis, 40-something, IT Systems Administrator, married to me, dedicated Hawthorn AFL silver member, professional eater, Greek. 
  5. Snotta = Susie King, nearly in ‘club 40′, my sister, married to Ben, mum to Indianna and Sam, she either is very passionate about something, or couldn’t really care less
  6. Benno = Ben King, late 30s, Event and Marketing Director, married to Susie, dad to Indianna and Sam, mad cricket and Kangaroos fan. Skip
  7. Indi = Indianna King, 6, my gorgeous niece who knows her own mind
  8. Sam = Sam King, 4, my cheeky terror of a nephew

We shared a trip of a lifetime together – two weeks together in the Mother Country – Italia in July 2012.  Thanks to the trip’s valued sponsor, Mum & Dad. Best present to us ever x x

Dad, Indi, and Mum at the Nambucca Heads look out, NSW Australia

Ben and Susie, looking gorgeous 

Indi and Sam ready to hit the waves!

Zorba and I, toasting our engagement in Positano, Italy

The Greeks:

Zorba’s family, my Greek family, consists of:

  1. Katie Petrelis, a spritely 70 year old, Zorba’s mother, carer and Yiayia to her triplet grandchildren. Born in Alexandria to Cypriot father and Lebanese mother.  But they are Greek.
  2. Marnie Paoliello, 40-something, Zorba’s little sister, qualified accountant, mum to triplet boys. Greek.
  3. Con Paoliello, 40-something, Marnie’s husband, an Italian, partner in a large multinational accounting firm. Father to triplet boys
  4. Leo, 9 years old, is a creative soul, into cooking, playing, and painting.
  5. John, 9 years old, a sports man in the making. John has been corrupted by his Uncle Andrew to follow Hawthorn FC.
  6. Matthew, 9 years old, loves to talk non-stop and when he is not talking, you can find him buried in a book.

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