Death Road, Bolivia. The world’s most dangerous road and I mountain biked it

Hubs and I getting ready for Death Road

I finally found my Death Road photos 18 months after finishing the South American trip.

Looking back at these photos, I can not believe I moutain biked downhill for 65km along the world’s most dangerous road, nicknamed Death Road in Bolivia, South America.  And I’ve got the t-shirt to prove it!

The first 20km of Death Road is tarmac, the remaining 45km is gravel. Loose, gravel.  Hit the brakes too sharply and there’s  a good chance you’ll skid and keep skidding right over the edge.

The views from the top of Death Road, a 65km downhill road that finishes 1200m below in altitude to where it starts. Incredible.

The ride starts near glaciers and finishes 1200m below in the tropics.

It was pretty cool seeing the terrain change on the way down.  I was keep a close eye on the terrain on the edge of the road that’s for sure.

About half way into the ride, I remember relaxing into it and really enjoying it. The first half I was a white knuckled scaredy cat!

Part of the 45km gravel stage of Death Road – no barriers and sheer drops down

Some buses and trucks still use this road, which makes things interesting if not hairy.

It’s not called Death Road for nothing…

This one above is a reassuring sight…not!

Look at that drop – OMG – I can’t believe I rode this AND enjoyed it!

This photo freaks me out. I still can’t believe I did this.

The edge of the road and the view

This is just one section of Death Road with a sheer ‘holy cow’ cliff drop

Death Road is carved into the side of the mountain

The little white speck in that photo above is a van.  That’ll put this photo into perspective.

Death Road in Boliva, absolute Madness.

Madness Bolivia are one of the better tour companies offering moutain biking down Death Road.  My advice, DONT skimp on this tour – choose a quality tour operator. You’ve seen the sheers cliffs above – do you really want a rubbish mountain bike with brakes that stick or worse, don’t work at all?  I didn’t think so… !


Death Road Tours run by Madness Tours
Av 16 de Julio (El Prado), Edif avenida No 1490 PB, La Paz
Tel: 591-2 239 1810

0 thoughts on “Death Road, Bolivia. The world’s most dangerous road and I mountain biked it

  1. trekgreatamerican

    Sounds terrifying! Matthew has previously done this route, also on a mountain bike and loved it. We plan to also ride it on our trip but on the bikes. Can say I am very nervous! I hear though that there is now another route, and therefore the traffic on the most dangerous road is now only one way? I really like the shots you managed to get.

    1. Dianne Bortoletto Travelletto

      I was terrified too until about half way down. Then it was so much fun. I’d recommend spending a little extra and go with a reputable company that has good mountain bikes – we went with Madness and they were great – who also took the awesome photos. Yes, less traffic on Death road but it’s still used by some buses and trucks. You’ll feel amazing after doing it – I’m glad I don’t let fear stop me! Good luck!

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