5 places to see crocodiles in Kununurra

Welcome to croc country. Kununurra is a place that abundant with natural attractions and wildlife, including crocodiles.  Below are 5 places to see crocodiles in and near Kununurra.

Crocodiles are the largest living reptile in the world and their history dates back 200 million years, earlier than dinosaurs. The crocodiles you need to worry about the most are saltwater crocs. They are prehistoric apex predators and have survived for a reason.

However, despite the dangers, seeing a wildlife in its natural habitat is not only a thrill, it’s a privilege.

The difference between Saltwater and Freshwater Crocodiles

Salties are bigger and more aggressive. They are wider and have wider snouts. Salties can easily grow over 3 metres.

Freshies have a thinner snout and generally don’t usually grow larger than 3 metres.

The freshwater crocodiles are less aggressive than salties and don’t tend to attack humans, but they will if they feel in danger or are provoked.

Freshwater crocodile

Freshwater crocodile. Photo: Geoff Whalan, Flicker

Saltwater croc credit Andy Tyler NoDerivs

Saltwater crocodile. Photo: Andy Tyler NoDerivs, Flicker

1. Ord River – in Kununurra town

You can spot freshwater crocodiles on the banks of the Ord River, sometimes at Celebrity Tree Park and from The Pump House restaurant. I’ve heard reports that they have been spotted at the river’s edge at Kimberley Land Caravan Park.

Lake Kununurra, banks of Ord River with lilies

From Kimberley Land, Lake Kununurra, banks of Ord River. Photo: Dianne Bortoletto

2. Ord River – take a cruise

Definitely add a cruise to your Kununurra experience, whether you want to see crocs or not. It’s a really serene and special experience. Triple J Tours and Kimberley Sunset Cruise are both excellent options. Ask the skipper to let you know if they spots a freshie. I’ve heard reports that every 10 metres you’re likely to see a freshie.

Kununurra Sunset Cruise on the Ord River, sunset

Kununurra Sunset Cruise on the Ord River. Photo: Dianne Bortoletto

3. Lake Argyle

Lake Argyle is so big that it’s classed as an inland sea, and when full, it holds 20-times the water of Sydney Harbour. It’s WA’s biggest lake and the biggest man-made lake in the southern hemisphere. And it’s home to 40,000 (yes FORTY THOUSAND) freshwater crocodiles. The best way to experience the lake is to take a cruise. I’ve done several Lake Argyle cruises and never seen a freshie. I even jumped in and went for a swim!

Swimming in Lake Argyle

Swimming in Lake Argyle. Photo: Dianne Bortoletto

4. Parry Creek Farm 

Parry Creek Farm Tourist Park, about an hour’s drive from Kununurra, is home to resident 2 metre saltwater crocodile. I’ve been there twice in two years and seen it once.

Saltwater crocodile in the water at Parry Creek Farm

Saltwater crocodile in the water at Parry Creek Farm. Photo: Dianne Bortoletto

5. Marlgu Billabong

Only about 7kms from Parry Creek Farm, and close to Telegraph Hill, is Marlgu Billabong. I’ve been here twice in two years and seen a saltwater croc both times, possibly the same croc. It’s a beautiful place to visit on the edge of the Kununurra flood plains. A photographer’s dream. The wetlands have floating waterlilllies and over 160 species of birds have been recorded. It’s also home to a massive 3-metre saltie. It was thrill to see the giant croc on the bank, sunning itself, open and close its mouth and then move into the water slowly sulking beneath the surface.

Saltwater Crocodile

Saltwater Crocodile. Photo: Dianne Bortoletto


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Source: Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions

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