Going on a road trip? Five must-have items

There is nothing quite like a road trip in Australia. The feeling of freedom when you hit the wide-open highway and driving for miles, without seeing anyone else for hours at times, is very liberating. It’s what many travellers dream about – especially those who live in high-density areas. Not only is it a great way to see the country, but you control where you stop and when you stop. Whether you are planning to cross the continent or just travel to the next city, here are our top five tips of what to bring to make your road trip a success.

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1. The Map

A road atlas or map is essential

A road atlas or map is essential

Half the fun of a road trip is pouring over a map and planning your route. While most travellers have a GPS these days, a map is invaluable for giving you the bigger picture, for showing alternative routes, and also when there is no signal or if the battery fails on the GPS!

2. Spares

Be prepared in case of a breakdown. Every car should carry at least one spare tyre – imagine being stuck on the side of the road without a spare tyre? It’s a good idea to carry extra fuel and oil, a fan belt, air filter and a basic tool kit that includes a jack. It is also a good idea to carry an extra set of keys in case of loss.

3. First Aid Kit

You can buy a first aid kit or put one together for yourself. You should include the basics like band aids, antiseptic, a bandage, pain killers, diarrhea and some anti-nausea tablets. Consider taking a first aid course so you know how to handle a medical emergency when on the road. I also take ear plugs with me everywhere.

4. Electronics

Don’t forget your camera, laptop or tablet, and mobile phone. You will find many spectacular sights along the way so carry your camera in the car.. I always have at least one spare camera battery, a spare memory card and a phone charger in the car. Even if you want to get away from it all and be disconnected from the modern world, I would still recommend you take a mobile phone, just in case. You don’t have to check it every five minutes, but it could really help if you ever got stuck or if you needed to get in touch with loved ones back home. .

5. Food and Water

It can be a long way between stops in Australia, particularly in the outback, so you need to carry plenty of water with you. Breaking down without water and food can be fatal. Carrying your food in an esky will help keep it cool and fresh. Ice is available at most truck stops and petrol stations, or better still, invest in a powered car fridge. This is a much cheaper option than eating out all the time and cooking your own can be a better option than eating fried food offered at a roadhouse.

Happy road tripping and drive safe. Are you taking a road trip over these holidays? 

Gorgeous autumn colours, the approach to Silkwood Wines

Gorgeous autumn colours, the approach to Silkwood Wines, Pemberton, Western Australia

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