Melbourne…and packing

Super exciting! In about seven hours, I’ll be getting on a plane, finally, and going to Melbourne – and I’m half way through packing. I hate packing. I love travelling, but I hate packing. Hate it. And packing for Melbourne is the worst kind of packing. It’s the weather – it’s so unpredictable and it changes so rapidly that it means I need everything, from swimmers to woollen overcoats. Or so I keep telling myself.

After travelling to Melbourne several times per year since I we moved from there when I was 12 years old, I still hate packing for Melbourne, but I’ve come up with a methodology: basic travel clothes, layers, and closed shoes. And the best part about travelling to Melbourne is that if I need something to keep me warm or something cooler to wear, I can go shopping! 🙂

My basic travel pack consists of:


  • Merino wool zip jacket (image courtesy of eBay)

    Merino wool zip jacket

    Merino wool t-shirt – it looks smart, doesn’t crease, super comfy, odour resistant, and warm yet breathable.

  • Merino wool long sleeve top – mine’s a red Macpac men’s one. It is looser fitting than the women’s styles, which is what I wanted. Easier for layering.
  • Light windproof jacket – I have a Kathmandu brand light black jacket with a hood. It’s perfect for cooler nights when I’m just too cold in short sleeves. Also layers well with the items below.
  • Merino wool zip jumper / jacket – this piece is so versatile. It looks smart, it’s warm, and perfect for travelling. The model I have doesn’t have the small zip on the chest.
  • Soft shell jacket – mine is a Macpac one and I’ve had it for five years making it worth the $240 I forked out for it (on sale). It’s lightweight, windproof, and when layered with the zip jumper above, super warm.
  • Travel pants – I have black Macpac travel trousers. They are light, don’t crease, have stretch so super comfortable, no big pockets on the thighs – they are practical without making me look like a backpacker.
  • Travel long shorts 3/4 pants – I have a really light stretchy pair from Kathmandu – in fact, I have three pairs in navy, black and dusty teal. They are fitted and again, no big bulky pockets so can be dressed up or down easily. Cool to wear on hot days, making them perfect for Perth summers too.
  • Sneakers – I am in love with Merrell barefoot. So light and comfortable – can walk all day long in these, and go for a run if I feel like exercising.
  • Ballet flats – dress up my travel trousers, or 3/4 pants, or wear with jeans. Easy for walking, but dressy enough for going out to dinner.
  • Thongs (flip flops). Just because.
  • Belt – six years ago I spent way more than I could afford on a Gucci belt in Rome airport. I’ve worn it every week since. It comes with me everywhere. Black, made of fabric with a plastic slide buckle. Lightweight, classy, and practical.
  • Poncho – sounds odd, but this Mui Mui fine weave wool blend poncho can also convert to a scarf and bolero. It’s versitile, warm, light weight and looks gorgeous on. It folds down small too.
  • Silk scarf – I do love scarves and my black and white silk scarf comes with me everywhere. It packs down to nothing and really dresses up an outfit.
  • Woollen scarf – I’ve had this black and multicoloured scarf for three years and wear it non-stop in winter and when I travel. It’s wool, very fine and lightweight, but quite large, so I can wear it as a pashmina or a scarf. And because of the colours, it goes with everything!
  • A beanie – for cold nights
  • A cap – for the days I can’t be bothered doing my hair and / or sunny days
  • Something sparkly – a long necklace that has a bit of bling, for nights out
My secret top packing tip
  • A sleeping kit: I have a little zip cosmetic bag (was a freebie with some product I bought) and in it I keep ear plugs, lavender essential oil (for my pillow – helps me sleep), eye mask and a little wind-up torch (no batteries required). This comes with me everywhere. The earplugs and lavender oil make sure that I have a good night’s sleep no matter where I end up resting my weary head.

So those things above nearly always come with me on every trip. Then I add t-shirts, tops, singlets, swimmers (not for Melbourne this time of year), boots perhaps, sandals, jeans and maybe a dress. Depends where it is I’m going, what I’m doing, and of course the weather. I hate to be cold or uncomfortable so keeping warm and being comfortable are my priorities. And when my wardrobe is limited, every piece I pack has to perform and look half decent. Which I why I gravitate towards reputable brands like Macpac and Icebreaker (no, they are not sponsoring this post, but perhaps they should!).

Me in my soft shell jacket and favourite scarf, posing next to a statue Gabriel Batistuta, a famous Argentinean soccer player, in Buenos Aires

Me in my soft shell jacket, my favourite scarf and Merrell shoes, posing next to a statue Gabriel Batistuta, a famous Argentinean soccer player, in Buenos Aires, July 2014

Packing aside, I’m excited to be heading to Melbourne for these reasons:

  • First trip on a plane since August 2014 (which was a work trip to Port Hedland) – that’s a ridiculously long time between flights. It shan’t happen again.
  • I haven’t seen my family since July 2014 and I’m really looking forward to spending some time with them, especially squeezing my niece and nephew (watch out Indi and Sammy!)
  • It’s the GRAND PRIX!  Yes oh yes, F1 season is starting and I’m so excited to be going to Albert Park to cheer on the ‘boy from Duncraig’, Daniel Ricciardo.
  • Kylie!  I bought my sister (who lives in Melbourne) tickets to see Kylie Minogue in concert for her birthday, and a ticket for me to go with her. How’s that for timing – it’s on around the time of the Grand Prix? (well played, Di!)
  • ProBlogger: I can’t rave enough about ProBlogger. For any blogger out there that reads this, get involved in ProBlogger if you’re not already because it will change your blog (if you take on their advice). It’s an awesome community to be involved with and they happen to be holding a workshop in Melbourne while I’m there, so I’m going. I’m also hoping to be one of the lucky 700 to purchase tickets to ProBlogger Event on the Gold Coast in August – tickets on sale this week.
  • Guy Grossi’s Florentina – yes, it’s booked and I’m not only looking forward to what I hope will be a memorable meal, but catching up with my BFF from high school too. Excited!

Melbourne Yarra River and City Skyline

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