An orange a day….

We all know the saying ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’, but I’m thinking it ought to be changed to an orange.

I was asked by Citrus Australia to take part in the Go Orange Ten Day Challenge.  Okay, so what’s the challenge?  “To eat a whole orange every day for ten days.”  Our house was shipped enough organic oranges for Zorba and I to both participate.

Prior to starting the challenge, Zorba had a niggling cold for three weeks that wasn’t bad enough to stop him from going to work, but annoyingly he was going through tissues like no tomorrow, had a slightly blocked head, and generally felt under par. I felt okay mostly, but as the challenge started I had that feeling that I was about to get a cold too.

IMG_2892After three days on the challenge, eating an orange a day, I noticed a small dip on the scales – half a kilo. Not altogether intentional, but welcomed nonetheless. I was enjoying my daily orange as a mid afternoon snack, where as Zorba had his after dinner for dessert. It filled the mid-afternoon snack spot and stopped me from reaching for anything else. Zorba’s cold also disappeared and by day five, he was back to full health.

I hate peeling oranges, really I do – it’s the pith that gets under my nails that makes it so unpleasant.  So I cut my orange in half, and each half into thin wedges.  I’d put my wedges on a little plate with a few almonds. One morning I grated the zest onto my quinoa porridge – yum yum yum.

Organic oranges are so tasty – this is the time of year when they are at their best. The Go Orange Ten Day Challenge has turned into a lifestyle change.  I feel better for it and it’s no surprise when you consider that oranges are the original superfood.

If I ask nicely, I wonder if the good people at Citrus Australia will send me another crate?

Disclosure:  Oranges compliments of Citrus Australia

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