Cumulus Inc – a review

This is my second visit to Culumus Inc on Flinders Lane in Melbourne’s CBD and the experience was just as good. I love the Euro-bistro fit out and styling in this modern Australian eatery. There’s a long bar along the left as you enter, the open kitchen to the right, and tables in between as well as along the back wall.

Photo credit: the Cumulus Inc website

Photo credit: the Cumulus Inc website

Four of us shared five dishes, although the waitress suggested we share seven or eight. We’ll start with five and see how we go, thanks.

I ordered a Clare Valley Riesling by the glass, and then ordered a small carafe of it, which was enough to give four of us a small glass each. There were limited choices of wines by the glass, one of each of the main varietals, which also came in 375 ml carafes.

This time I was sticking to my paleo way of eating (no grains, no sugar, limited dairy and legumes).

There were plenty of paleo friendly choices on the menu, some vegetarian and gluten free choices too.


Tuna tartare with crushed pea salad and yoghurt was beautiful and fresh. It felt very clean to eat.

Tuna tartare with crushed pea salad

Tuna tartare with crushed pea salad ($32)

A special for the night, figs with goat’s cheese and dill was pleasant however didn’t taste as amazing as it sounded.

Figs with goat’s cheese and dill

Figs with goat’s cheese and dill ($18)

It was the quail that was a real highlight thanks to perfectly married textures and flavours – the crunch of the fresh cabbage, the tender juicy gamey quail and the sweetness of the nectarine that came with it. I could eat that again and again.

Grilled quail, bitter leaves, white peach and walnuts

Grilled quail, bitter leaves, white peach and walnuts ($22)

The roast pumpkin, pine nuts and sheep’s curd cheese was divine, caramelised sweet roast pumpkin, slightly salty creamy curd and toasty pine nuts. Those flavours are classic and marry really well.

Roast pumpkin, sheep's curd, pine nuts

Roast pumpkin, sheep’s curd, pine nuts ($14)

I wouldn’t normally get excited about flank steak. But this flank steak with leek, miso and grilled witlof was another highlight. The steak was seriously tender and juicy with sweet leek, slightly bitter witlof and the salty miso.


Flank steak, leek & miso, braised lettuce ($36)


As it turns out, I could have accepted the waitress’ recommendation to share seven or eight dishes, because I felt I could still eat, and that’s probably because I didn’t eat any bread.

The service was efficient, if a little clipped. The atmosphere is of a typical city eatery, every table was full and tables turned over relatively quickly. Overall, a very enjoyable eating experience and one I’d repeat.

I especially enjoyed a night out with my sister and catching up with my cousins Stephanie and Lauren.

Verdict: 8/10


Cumulus Inc
45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne (CBD)

+61 3 9650 1445


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