Neighborhood Pizza, Mt Hawthorn, Perth WA

Down a lane way behind the IGA supermarket on Scarborough Beach Road in Mt Hawthorn, you will find a warehouse type building, sans any signs. Step inside and you’ll find spaced out long tables with stools, cushions and coffee tables along the walls, a pool table at the back and a central table for salt, pepper, napkins and paper plates.  Think urban warehouse cool that’s homely and relaxed.  Welcome to Neighborhood Pizza.


Buffalo mozzarella, basil and proscuitto.

Buffalo mozzarella, basil and proscuitto.


Spicy salami, gorgonzola, almonds and rocket

Spicy salami, gorgonzola, almonds and rocket

The menu is not extensive, just 12 pizzas featured that includes the classic Margherita with buffalo mozzarella ($17), free range ham, pineapple and cheese ($18), spicy salami gorgonzola, almonds and fresh rocket ($21), and anchovy, capers, bocconcini, olives, and chilli ($19).

There’s no drinks list – there’s a help-yourself-fridge with some soft drinks, bottled water and tap water. For BYO customers, there’s a $2 per person corkage charge.

The real test is of course the taste of the pizza.  Zorba and I first ordered the Margherita to share.  It came out steaming hot, the base was thin and crispy and the taste was absolutely delicious.  Zorba said it was the best pizza he has had in Perth to date.

The tomato sauce on the base was just like I make – boasting now – but it was delicious.  In my mind, the sauce you use is a big part of the perfect pizza.

We enjoyed our first taste of Neighborhood Pizza so much that we ordered a second, this time opting for the spicy salami, gorgonzola, almond and rocket.  The spicy salami was really, really spicy!  A bit too much chilli for my chilli-weak palate.  Not to let that deter me, I picked it off and enjoyed the rest of the pizza.  Zorba seemed to enjoy his slices, in between wiping his brow. The chilli was making him sweat!

On a Friday night, the place was buzzing with every table occupied, some tables shared, and a steady stream of people coming and going.

Our first visit to Neighborhood Pizza will be the first of many I’m sure. It was relaxed, quick, reasonably priced and tasty! The paper plates didn’t even bother me – I thought it was quite a clever move on their part really – it added to the relaxed atmosphere of the place. Almost like having pizza at a mate’s place.

If I was to be terribly picky, I would say that my only irk is the way they spell their name – where’s the ‘u’?

It’s been open for five months or so.  I’m so happy to have found such a good local!

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Neighborhood Pizza
173 Scarborough Beach Rd, Mt Hawthorn, WA
Tel: 0419 507 432
Twitter: @Neighbhoodpizza

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    1. diannebortoletto

      It is! The tomato, buffalo mozzarella and procuitto pizza was seriously impressive. It’s proper Italian style pizza with a thin base and not overloaded with toppings – the way pizza should be! Let me what you think when you try it.

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