Totally automatic check in

I went to Sydney last weekend and had the most pleasant Perth Airport experience of my life. I know, hard to believe. But it’s true.

Firstly, I looked deep inside myself and learned that I could in fact fly Qantas again, despite all the company’s recent bad press . Seriously, Qantas has to be better than Tiger, doesn’t it? At least Qantas were the ones to choose not to fly and told the unions to stick it, not instructed by Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) that they have to ground their fleet!

Automatic check in Sydney Airport, bad drop conveyor belts in the background

The whole airport process was easy and automatic. I checked in at home, printed off my boarding pass and took it with me. Once at the airport, I scanned by boarding pass in the automatic check in machine and out popped a luggage tag for my suitcase. I wheeled my suitcase about five metres over to the Bag Drop conveyor belt, stuck the luggage tag on, placed my suitcase on the conveyor belt where it was weighed (17.1kg – pretty good for me!). I was fully checked in and ready to board.

That took five minutes. No queues, no waiting, straight through. It is quite amazing really, given that I have spent up to three hours at Perth Airport queuing in the past.

Automatic check in at Sydney Airport

I was telling my intrepid friend, Hubba (who features in many blog posts in 2010), that the check in was fully automatic. When I left Sydney, homeward bound to Perth, I encountered the same thing – fully automatic check in. It’s pretty cool.

We leave for our big family holiday in four days! So so so exciting.. I don’t expect the check in at the international airport will be so automatic…

Til next time!

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