The easiest way to get a truffle fix

The easiest way to get a truffle fix this winter is to order them fresh direct from the farmer – via Australian Truffle Traders

Truffle farms can be found in Western Australia’s south west around Manjimup. This tiny pocket of fertile soil and tall timber forests produces 95 per cent of Australia’s black truffles.

You can visit Australian Truffle Traders and go out on a hunt with the dogs who nose out ripe truffles.

Dianne Bortoletto holding truffles

Truffle hunting at Australian Truffle Traders

Freshly unearthed, they are carefully cleaned, graded, sealed, cold-packed and shipped across Australia via express post with delivery in 48 hours.

I love truffles and my favourite way to enjoy them at home with a decadent lunch of creamy scrambled eggs on toasted bread with butter and shaved truffle over the top. OMG, it’s heaven. 

scrambled eggs with truffle

Scrambled eggs with fresh truffle

I also really love good bread, toasted, with lashings of butter, good quality raw honey and freshly sliced truffle. Honey and truffle is a magic combination.

And how can you go past truffle pasta? Good quality egg pasta, butter, pecorino cheese and truffle. I’ve also made with mushrooms and truffle too and it’s just as good. 

truffle pasta

Truffle pasta

There are a million ways to use truffle – bake in a brie so it’s oozy and gooey (hell yes), with roast chicken, in risotto, in a creamy mash, with steak, and one of my favourite desserts, truffle pannacotta. 

truffle pannacotta

Truffle pannacotta

Truffle season is short – it’ll finish at the end of August, so don’t wait. Order your truffle now and make winter a whole lot tastier. 

Visit for more information including tips for storing and using truffles, order truffles online and to book truffle hunts.

truffle sealed in jar

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