The Prophet, Vic Park, Perth WA

The Prophet Lebanese Cafe is a little gem in Vic Park.  It is also BYO and payment is by cash only.

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We watched SBS Food Safari and it was all about Egyptian food and boy did it make me hungry. We rang The Prophet and booked a table that night – the last table available.  Whilst the Prophet is Lebanese, Middle Eastern food is similar from country to country. I couldn’t wait.

The cafe is medium size and was absolutely buzzing on a Friday night.  Every table was full and in the hour or so we were there, several tables turned over.  It’s not surprising really. The prices are very reasonable and the food is good.

As soon as you sit down, warm pitta bread is brought out with a taste of labneh and some pickles.

We ordered hommous ($11), one of my all time favourite Middle Eastern dishes. It was fresh, smooth and creamy. Teamed with the garlicky labneh (a yoghurt dip), it was extra delicious.


The tabouleh ($11) was the best tabouleh I have had in a long time. It was mostly parsley, with some other herbs, finely chopped tomato and doused in lemon juice. There was a little cracked wheat, but it was not heavy with it like many other tabouleh’s I’ve had.  Seriously fresh, light, and perfect on pitta bread laden with hommous. Zorba and I were fighting for the last spoonful!

A second basket of pitta bread costs $2. Bargain. It would probably cost you that much to it in the supermarket.

In Egypt, I fell in love with eating Ful, cooked mashed up navy beans that were often served in pitta bread with salad.  They taste a little like refried beans those that know the famous Mexican dish.  But better.Prophet06

At The Prophet, we ordered their Ful (they spell it Fool, $15) and Zorba absolutely loved it.  I quite like it too, but I had to add salt to mine and the beans were chunky and not so mashed.  I had a different expectation to what was brought out.  It tasted healthy yet hearty, the beans were quite creamy in texture and very pleasant.

Prophet10 Prophet14

The spicy lebanese sausage was tasty, but quite dry despite it swimming in oil in the bowl. There was not much fat through the sausage – I expect that is the style of the sausage and the way it is meant to be.  Again, Zorba enjoyed it, more than I did.  I was also pretty full by that stage.

I wished we had ordered the falafels because when they were coming out for others who had ordered them, I had definite food envy. They looked beautiful. Something to look forward to for next time.

I wanted to order more and try more, but we were both so full. I couldn’t pass on a sweet treat to finish the meal. I chose a slice of the almond and polenta syrup cake ($3). It was moist, sweet, grainy, and delicious. Yum!

Dinner for two cost $51 and there was no corkage.  No wonder it’s so busy! Cash only.

Recommendation: A fantastic BYO cheap eat option.

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