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Vine Collective is an awesome online winery and wine rating website that connects wine lovers to each other, and direct to the wine producer. They’ve been a client of my day job, Pronto PR – I don’t usually share client work on Travelletto, but Vine Collective is a site that I think you’ll love. I do!  And they have a cracking competition that’s worth buying wine for – more below.

Vine Collective is like the UrbanSpoon of the wine world, but better. What I love the most about Vine Collective is that they have gone into bat for the little guy. Since I’ve met Doctor Ben Thomas, the MD of Vine Collective with a PhD in wine tourism, I’ve learned that Woolworths and Coles own 80% of the bottle shops and liquor retail in the country.  Small boutique wineries simply can’t afford the shelf space at the major retailers, nor do they produce the volume. As wine lovers know, it’s often the small boutique wineries that produce the most interesting wines.

Margaret River information on Vine Collective

Margaret River information on Vine Collective

One of my favourite features on Vine Collective is that you can store wines you like in your virtual cellar – so when you’re out visiting wineries or in a restaurant, or anywhere really and taste a wine you like, you can grab your phone and add that wine to your virtual wine cellar. When you want to buy, go to your cellar. Vine Collective makes their money by taking a percentage on each sale – much like a retailer, but the percentage is lower, which means better prices for the consumer.

The summer competition on Vine Collective has some really great prizes;
1. Margaret River Weekender – 2 Nights @ Smiths Beach Resort, Winery Tour with Top Drop Tours and Dinner at Knee Deep.
2. Vintec Wine Cellar – 38 bottle wine cellar refrigerator
3. Plumm Glassware Package – Fast becoming the wine glassware of choice in the industry
Every bottle purchased through the website equates to a single entry. Buy a dozen, get a dozen entries. Every purchase until the end of February goes into the draw. For all the details you can head over to the site –
What I bought:
  • Silkwood Pinot Noir – $27.50, this is a terrific Pinot Noir from Pemberton. It’s smooth, light but still has great structure. I love this Pinto Noir. A gorgeous winery with stunning chalets – read more here.
  • Silkwood Leaf Pinot Noir – $21.70, this seems to be Silkwood’s cheaper label and I haven’t tried this one but I’m keen to compare it to the wine above. $22
  • Willow Bridge Gravel Pit Shiraz – $29.40 I bought this based on Joel’s recommendation below and the critic’s scores. I love a good shiraz.
Joel Pember from Juicebox Creative, the designers and website developers behind Vine Collective, loves wine almost more than anything else and he has a great palate. Here are his recommendations:
Joel recommends for something a little different but delicious to try Xabregas Mad Men Riesling
Xabregas is also offering free delivery indefinitely across their wines, so good value.
Vine Collective home page

Vine Collective home page

Vine Collective is a beautiful website, it’s user friendly, and there’s some great content on there about wine regions.  When you register on Vine Collective, please follow me!
Check out Vine Collective and let me know what you think. I think it’s a brilliant idea and it’s going to just grow and grow to give more wine lovers better access to boutique wine producers.

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