Bergamo on the Untold Italy Podcast

It was so much fun chatting with Katy at Untold Italy Podcast, reliving my time in Bergamo studying Italian at CIS University of Bergamo during a study exchange with the University of WA where I’m currently in last semester of a Diploma of Italian Studies.

Untold Italy Podcast

It wasn’t all talk about study though, we spent most of the time chatting about Bergamo and things to see and do in and around the Medieval town, which includes hiking and walking 5km around the town on the UNESCO heritage walls.

Bergamo walls

The UNESCO heritage walls surrounding Bergamo

In the episode, I told Katy about the most incredible gelato I had in Bergamo – Rosemary and Almond – a flavour combination I’d never seen before. It was beyond heavenly! Two years later and I’m still thinking about it. Since we recorded the episode, I’ve remembered the name of the gelateria – Carmen Gelato

Carmen gelato

Carmen Gelato rosemary and almond. Photo: Carmen Gelato

We also talked a lot about the most incredible day spa experience ever at QC Terme in San Pelligrino – yes, where the sparkling water is from.

QC Terme

Relaxing at the QC Terme in San Pellegrino. Simply blissfully incredible

And how Marnie and I snuck into the 12th Century Casino in San Pellegrino, a replica of the Monte Carlo Casino, by jumping onto the back of a tour (the only way to go inside). I was able to snap one photo before we got kicked out.

San Pellegrino Casino

Inside the San Pellegrino Casino

There’s also the story of how Marnie and I talked our way into the beach club in Lenno on Lake Como. Despite paying to enter, weren’t ‘allowed’ to sit on a sunbed, so we took pole position sitting on the front wall instead, and we had the best day!

Lenno beach club

Marnie and I enjoying a spritz in the beach club in Lenno, Lake Como

There’s a lot more we talked about, listen to the podcast here.

If you’re dreaming of a trip to Italy, check out Untold Italy – there’s a stack of useful resources all about travel in Italy from suggested itineraries, travel guides, packing guides, a list of Airbnb’s that have been checked out and there’s even a language course.


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