Break it up

That’s how I’m going to roll from here on. When it comes to travel, I’m breaking it up.  No longer am I a 20-something year old with boundless energy and little need for beauty sleep. I want (and deserve!) a certain level of comfort, and that comfort includes a good night’s sleep. The days of catching overnight trains and red-eye flights are over. Amen to that!

On route to Hanoi, Vietnam, instead of flying with Malaysian Airlines in the middle of the night and landing at 5am, I opted to break the trip up and spent the night at Kuala Lumper at the very comfortable Sama Sama Hotel that is actually connected to KL Airport.  I landed at KL at 8.40pm and was showered, wrapped in a towel robe and stretched out on the king size bed within the hour. I slept like a baby; it is a very comfortable hotel. After seven solid hours of sleep, I ate a leisurely breakfast, checked out, and boarded my next flight at 9.30am.  Two and half hours later, the plane touched down at Hanoi airport. Very civilised.

Breakfast buffet on the premium floor

Breakfast buffet on the premium floor

I didn’t need to step out of the building. Customs was very efficient at KL airport, I was through in no time. Best news of all, Australians don’t need a visa for Malaysia for short stays, so it’s super easy.  A little Sama-Sama golf cart picked me up and transferred me to the hotel.

I booked a room about four weeks in advance and it cost about $120.  I was upgraded to the Premium Floor – never a bad thing – and with that kind upgrade, breakfast was included in the ninth floor dining room.  Well worth $120 to wake up feeling good. More importantly, it was well worth it to land in Hanoi with energy to tackle the city that has assaulted my senses. More about Hanoi to come soon.


Sama-Sama Hotel, KL International Airport
Jalan CTA 4 B, 64000 KLIA, Sepang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
Tel: +603 8787 3333

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