The Dough Room – Perth’s perfect suburban pizzeria

The Dough Room is a lively neighbourhood pizzeria in an unassuming location in the southern Perth suburb of Attadale. Greeting customers outside is a gorgeous red Fiat 500 “bambino” and a classic Vespa scooter. Inside, there’s the boot of Italy on the exposed brick wall next to which are rows of polaroid photos of customers, a foosball table (every parent’s dream distraction for peaceful dining),  a wood fired oven at the back, an impressive looking coffee machine sitting proudly on the counter, tables filled with happy diners and the warmth of good hospitality.

Inside The Dough Room. Photo: Leo Paoliello

Inside The Dough Room. Photo: Leo Paoliello

We recently had the pleasure of dining on authentic wood-fired pizza with the family – Zorba, myself, Marnie, Con, Katie and the 11.5 year old nephews John, Leo and Matt.

Matt and Leo are budding food bloggers and submitted their review of The Dough Room to Travelletto. Something the talented blogging apprentices don’t have to worry about is paying for the bill (although Matt still owes his uncle lunch!), so I’ll add that The Dough Room is priced well with many pizzas under $20.


Arancini with tomato sauce

I’ll let Matt and Leo tell you about The Dough Room – here are their reviews:


Review of Dough Pizza by Matt Paoliello 

Cafe by day, pizzeria by night, the dough room lives a double life. It’s easy to miss this gem of a spot, tucked away in the suburb of Attadale between a run down deli and a hair salon. You’ll be glad you’ve found it because this pizzeria bangs out some of the best and most authentic pizzas in town.

The starters are very good, the arancini balls are substantial in size, one large one sitting on pool of rich tomato sauce and they’re not too cheesy or buttery. You’ll want to savour each bite.

The pizzas are really a slice of Italy. Not surprising, as they import their mozzarella and wheat from Italy. The dough is made onsite and the pizzas are wood-fired. The pizzas are quite large.  Can’t eat it all? The staff are happy to put the rest of your pizza in a box, so you can take it home. They even do take-away! My hot tip is the Capo dei Capi. Fresh chilli, cacciatore sausage, capsicum and mozzarella combine to make one heck of a pizza. Be careful, it’s hot!

For dessert, the Nutella calzone is spot-on, with warm chocolatey Nutella oozing out of the pastry, and a choice of banana filling or berries. Diet tomorrow!

The Dough Room also does breakfast, but only on the weekends.

When you want a pizza, forget Dominoes. Come to The Dough Room where you’ll be greeted like an old friend and served affordable, authentic delicious pizza.


Matt Paoeliello at The Dough Room

Review of Dough Pizza by Leo Paoliello 

The Dough Room is a great pizzeria that is kid friendly. Eric the owner has a variety of pizzas on the menu that you can pick from – you can even customise your own pizza to have. The pizzas are cooked in a wood fired oven. The dough is home-made by Eric’s Mum Angela. She makes most of the food in the kitchen and if you see her say Ciao (Hello) or Come Stai? (how are you?).

They do great breakfast too such as silky eggs and crisp bacon but be aware that they only do these on weekends, but they make Italian coffee every day of the week so you could and grab an espresso.

If coffee isn’t for you, they also do things like iced chocolate and hot chocolate which is very rich in flavour and taste. 

The Dough Room is only three minutes drive from Attadale Primary School, near Uber Café, and it is BYO so adults, remember to bring your wine.

In winter it is nice and warm in the pizzeria and in summer they have air-conditioning. So pop down to 4A Davis Road Attadale for an Italian treat or sweet .

Leo Paoliello helping make pizza at The Dough Room

Leo Paoliello helping make pizza at The Dough Room

Other reasons to love The Dough Room

  • The owners are Italian
  • It’s a family business
  • The food is good, honest, authentic Italian food
  • The prices are sensible
  • The Dough Room is BYO
  • There’s a foosball table
  • It’s always busy, so the atmosphere is lively – just like in Italy
  • If you can’t eat all your pizza, take it home
  • Good selection of antipasti and dessert – the tiramisu was worthy and the panacotta had the perfect wobble
  • The owner and his team know how to engage with kids – in fact, he taught the boys how to play ‘briscola’, a popular Italian card game. They also let the boys help in the kitchen, carry plates and print bills for customer.


Keep an eye out, the same owners are opening an Italian restaurant next door and if the food and hospitality is as good as Dough Pizza’s, then customers are in for a treat.


Fact File

The Dough Room4 Davis Road, Attadale

They don’t take reservations


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