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Positano on the Amalfi Coast in Italy is one of the prettiest places on the planet. It attracts hoards of tourists, the majority of whom are day trippers. As the late afternoon arrive, the day trippers leave, and that’s when Positano becomes magical.  If you’re heading to the Amalfi Coast, consider staying in Positano rather than Sorrento which is bigger, bustling, and very touristy. Positano is also touristy, you can’t really get away from it, but it’s much smaller in size, and it’s at its best at night.

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Best places to eat in Positano

Like all tourist destinations, a little bit of research goes a long way to ensure that you eat well. We’ve just spent a week in Positano (stayed in this amazing villa) and have done the research for you.

Bar Bruno
Via Cristoforo Colombo 157, Positano
+39 089 875 392

You might go to Bar Bruno for the stunning views, but make no mistake, the food is just as good. You might want to book during the summer, it’s a popular place and the outdoor tables have views across Positano are always the first to go. It’s a big walk almost to the top of the hill and is on the road leading out of Positano. The main road runs between the outdoor tables and the restaurant – waist-coat wearing waiters scurry across the road balancing plates. Sit back, enjoy a spritz with aperol and watch Positano sparkle with lights as it falls into darkness.

When it comes to ordering – choose anything with seafood. The spaghetti vongole (my favourite – clams) was fantastic. Mum and Dad had a special of spaghetti with half a lobster and they are still raving about that meal.

The service is mostly efficient, the prices are good, not exorbitant and not dirt cheap either. It’s a lovely place to go for meal that has the full package – views, terrific food and good service. Ask any local, they’ll tell you. We ate there twice.

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Covo dei Saraceni
Via Regina Giovanna, 5, Positano
+39 089 875 400

Upstairs:  Part of a five star restaurant, the Covo dei Saraceni adjacent to the port where the ferries come in. Upstairs it’s posh, plush, luxurious fine dining that you’ll pay handsomely for. The views of the bay, the twinkling lights of the boats and houses built into Positano’s cliffs are breathtaking. It’s a great choice for a special night out. The food is fancy, fine dining, not blow your socks amazing, but good. Not sure if I’d rush back (unless someone else was paying!). I prefer food that is full of flavour that has me wanting more, rather than perfectly cut carrot cubes.

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Downstairs: Is a casual pizzeria with a woodfired pizza oven. There’s outdoor seating on the cobbled pavement out the front and aircon inside. The pizzas are banging – Zorba said it was one of the best pizzas he’s had in Italy. The pasta is good too – again I had spaghetti vongole. Sadly, on the night we went they mucked up our order (surprising, we were the only ones inside eating – early dinner with the nephews), so our experience could’ve been A1 had that not happened. Reasonably priced and despite the order mix up, I’d go back.

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La Pergola
Via del Brigantino 35/37, Positano
+39 089 811 461

La Pergola is a restaurant and pizzeria – as you look at the ocean it’s on the left side of the main beach, Spiaggia Grande, in Positano.  They have a giant woodfired oven for pizza and their pizzas are good. They also do takeaway pizza.

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Viale Pasitea, 236, Positano
+39 089 811651

On the Spiaggia Fornillo side of Positano (the little beach), up the Mediterreaneo - 1hill, Mediterreaneo is a fun place if you can let your guard down and enjoy cheesy Italian music. The food is pretty good, the prices are mid-range, what you expect in Positano, and every other night a musician comes in and gets diners involved in sing alongs – It’s Amore, Il Solo Mio, etc. Expect a tambourine to land on your lap. Go on, have another wine and let your hair down. It’s silly tourist fun.


Gelato: Bar al Buca
Via del Brigantino 35/37, Positano
+39 089 811 461

Hands down the best gelato in Positano, and I tried just about every place! The prices are reasonable, three euro for a medium cup (2 flavours) and every flavour is bang on. The chocolate is amazing, so is the nocciola (hazlenut), lemon, pistacchio, straticcella (like vanilla choc chip) and coffee. It’s adjacent to La Pergola – look for the big black lion statues out the front.

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Via dei Mulini, 5-11, 84017, Positano, Italy
(+39) 089875489

If you’re lucky enough to be staying in Positano on the Spaiggia Grande side, then a visit to this deli is a must to pick up some supplies – bread, proscuitto, tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella (just 2.50 euro!), beer, wine, etc. If you are staying close by, they’ll deliver it to your villa. Winning! They also make fresh panini – a great lunch option if you’re sick of eating big meals.

Deli supplies

Positano brekkie - 1

Supplies bought from the deli

A word about La Tagliata

It’s well known amongst tourists and it has high ratings on TripAdvisor (never trust TripAdvisor for food!!) but be warned the food at La Tagliata is not what it once was. Several locals warned us that their food isn’t so fresh. If you’re keen to try it, go for the experience, not for the food. You will be picked up and driven up the mountain to a restaurant in the hills somewhere high above Positano. Drink choices are just red or white, and the wine comes in a jug, and the food is very meat heavy, cooked on a grill. There’s no menu per se.  I ate at La Tagliata several years ago and the experience was ok – lots of food, but I prefer to go to restaurants were the locals want to eat, so sitting next to tourists didn’t create the experience I crave when I travel.


Your tips

Have you got any awesome tips on where to eat in Positano? Leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. Mark

    Hi, Saw your Acciari recommendation. I want to buy the corrrect meat cuts for a Napoli Ragu. I’ll give them a try.Thanks for your Positano advice. Im taking my wife to Rome, Naples, Capri, Ravello and Priano. Thanks for advice

    1. Travelletto Post author

      Hi Mark, thanks for your comment. As the Acciari Butchers are Italian, I’m sure they’ll be able to help you out for your Napoli Ragu – have you been to Acciari yet? We love their quality of meat and prices (for other readers: Acciari are butchers in Perth on corner of Cape St and Main St, Osborne Park. No frills old school Italian butchers – best Italian sausages). If you search this blog for Rome, you’ll find some other recommendations for your trip. Buonviaggio!

  2. Mark

    Hi Dianne, yes went to Acciari, just like you said no frills great Italian sausage. Made the dish a few times. Mmmm richy rich! For sure I’m pawing over your Rome and Positano adventures….great content thanks Mark

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