Video: Epic family holiday back to our Mother Countries by Leo Paoliello

The epic Zorbaletto trip back to our ‘Mother Countries’: 32 days, 10 people, 4 countries, 3 generations, 2 families, 1 epic adventure

Our epic Zorbaletto trip of a lifetime – the bucket list items we ticked off was travelling back to our ‘Mother Countries’ with our families. Yes, that’s right, both of our families. Sadly not both of our entire families – my sister Susie and her husband Ben and kids Indi and Sam couldn’t join us.

What started off as ‘sitting in a Greek village for a month’ to celebrate a milestone birthday of Zorba’s, morphed into an epic family European odyssey to Cyprus, Greece and Italy with Zorba’s mum Katie, his sister Marnie, husband Con (Italian) and their 11-year-old triplets sons – Leo, John and Matthew, and my mum and dad, Gina and Walter. Ten of us travelling together for 21 days (with the Greek side departing then; my parents stayed on for another 9 days).

Nephew Leo Paoliello (11.5 years) created this video that captures so many happy moment of the trip – grab a cuppa and relive our trip with us.

To read about how we found a cousin in Cyprus, one we weren’t even looking for that involved several 90+ years residents, the town’s mayor, and a school teacher who had been jailed for killing rabbits. Click here for the full story.

Pretty Positano just took our breath way – it really was a huge bucket list moment to stay in a luxurious villa for a week right in the heart of the Amalfi Coast town – here’s where we recommend you eat when in Positano click here.

Thanks Leo!

Leo Paoliello

Leo Paoliello


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