Best food market in Paris

There are food and produce markets across Paris almost every day, but the best ones are are on Wednesday and Saturday mornings on av President Wilson technically in the 16th arrondissement (neighbourhood), but so close to the 7th that everyone from the neighborhood shops there. It’s close to the Eiffel Tower and a must visit for any foodie. I have to thank Olive magazine’s editor for the recommendation to go – thanks Chris! It was our highlight of Paris, without a doubt.

There was a mix of locals and tourists on the Wednesday morning we went. At this market you can buy everything and it all seems super fresh and gorgeously displayed:

  • meat from butchers selling all types including offal and game like guinea fowl, venison and rabbit
  • gorgeous fresh fish and seafood including prawns, clams, scallops and escargot
  • fresh thick gooey cream and milk
  • about 100 different varieties of cheese from blues to oozy bries
  • fruit and vegetables and herbs, including
  • asian vegetables and herbs
  • spices
  • prepared dishes to take home
  • terrines, pates, pies and quiches
  • sweets and pastries
  • salamis and cured meat
  • antipasta offerings – sun dried tomatoes, marinated eggplant and artichokes
  • black, green, marinated, big and little olives and olive oil
  • flowers, so many pretty flowers and pot plants
  • street food including crepes (nutella ones too – my favourite!), baguettes, lebanese kebabs,  roast pork rolls, beef bourguignon, panini, and gorgeous fresh flat bread with ham and melted cheese
  • Plenty of non-food shopping too including jewellery, clothes, bags, wallets, umbrellas, belts, and scarves.

Here’s some photos to show you these fantastic markets.

Paris Food Market01

quiches, pies, patries, and more

Paris Food Market02

Room to move at these markets – probably because it was a rainy day

Paris Food Market03

Salami, pancetta, ham, proscuito, coppa and more

Paris Food Market04

Gorgeously presented fruit – berries in little baskets ready to go

Paris Food Market05

Every type of cheese

Paris Food Market06

Pretty flowers don’t cost the earth at these Parisien markets

Paris Food Market07

Beautiful soft cheeses

Paris Food Market08

So many shallots of different types and sizes

Paris Food Market09


Paris Food Market10

Fish that smelled fresh like the ocean

Paris Food Market11

Artichokes and fennel, just some of the vegetables on sale

Paris Food Market12

White asparagus, green asparagus and some chicory behind

Paris Food Market13

These little skinny salamis were the best, we bought 15 of them

Paris Food Market14

Just some of the clothes on offer

Paris Food Market15

A big pan of beef bourguignon – we had to try it. Zorba gave it the thumbs up

Paris Food Market16

More beautifully displayed fish. The French do markets so well

Paris Food Market17

These beautiful flowers are almost the colours of the French flag. Almost.

Paris Food Market18

This was our street food highlight (savoury) – a fresh flat bread (almost a crepe) with melted cheese and ham. Stunning

Paris Food Market19

More pretty flowers

Paris Food Market20

Guinea fowl, chicken and duck

Paris Food Market21

Fruit and vegetable stall

Paris Food Market22

Cherries galore

Paris Food Market23

Courgette, or zucchini, for 1.95 euro kg (about A$3)

Paris Food Market24

Rosy red tomatoes

Paris Food Market25

Moules, or mussels, yum

Paris Food Market26

Fresh fish like this makes me want to cook

Paris Food Market27

Fresh calamari, cut and ready to go

Paris Food Market28

Savoury and sweet crepes

Paris Food Market29

Nutella crepe, OMG, this was HEAVEN to eat

We thoroughly loved these markets and really enjoyed eating the street food here, more so than eating at some cafes in Paris.

For other great places to eat in Paris, check out my earlier post here.  To see a review of our favourite restaurant in Paris, Terrior Parisien, click here.

Bon appétit!


Av. President Wilson Food Markets, every Wednesday and Saturday 7am – 2.30pm
Place Alma, on Av President Wilson, 16th arrondissement (not far from Eiffel Tower)

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