Tahini stuffed chocolate dates recipe

Here’s a recipe for Tahini stuffed chocolate dates – a salty, sweet and nutty snack, very moorish and healthy(ish) – a great accompaniment to coffee while watching the Saudi Arabian Formula 1 Grand Prix. Dates are revered in Saudi Arabia where they boast having the best dates in the world. Try this little taste of Middle East, something you can prepare ahead of time and snack on while watching the race (which I will be doing on Monday morning).

Recipe: Tahini stuffed chocolate dates

12-15 Fresh medjool dates
1/4 cup Tahini
1/2 tsp Sea salt flakes
80g Dark chocolate
1 tbs Shredded coconut
Pinch Seseme seeds

Pit the dates by slicing longways on one side only, you want to keep them intact. In a small bowl, mix the tahini with the salt. Spoon the tahini mix into each date and press them closed. Melt the chocolate in a bowl over a boiling water. Once melted, dip one half of each date into the melted chocolate and put them on baking paper. Quickly scatter the shredded coconut and sesame seeds over the dates while the chocolate is still soft. I like to add an extra pinch of sea salt flakes. Place in the fridge until set, about an hour.

That’s it. it’s that easy.

Notes: you can make your own healthy chocolate with coconut oil, cacao, vanilla and maple syrup instead, but I’ve kept it simple with store bought dark chocolate.

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