Roma e Campo dei Fiori markets

Our apartment is so lovely and spacious and has air con – an absolute necessity in Rome’s sweltering July heat.

Our spacious apartment in the historical centre of Rome

There was never a question of what we were going to do on our first morning in Rome.

Obviously, nothing happens before my morning cappuccino and we love to stand at a bar and have it like the locals do.

Zorba’s other nickname could be Tomatino because he loves tomatoes so much. A visit to the Campo dei Fiori food markets was non-negotiable.

The markets offer so much colour, great fresh produce smells, and of course delicious ripe deep red tomatoes.

Campo dei Fiori markets

The locals ask questions to vendors about what is tasting good right now and buying their daily needs – this is how we should shop for food.

There’s a great deli at Campo dei Fiori that we visited every day we were in Rome in 2010.  It’s still serving a massive selection of deli good. We stocked up on marinated anchovies, olives, proscuito, buffalo mozzarella, and bread.

After taking the groceries “home”, we hit the shops along via Del Corso.  We walked for five hours, looking at shoes and clothes here and there.  Neither of us bought anything which is probably a good thing because I later found out that Rome goes on sale on 7 July!

Inside the Pantheon

We visited the Pantheon, Piazza Del Popolo, Piazza Navona, Largo Argentina, among other places.  The Pantheon is over 2000 years old and even with all the technology today, they say they could replicate this building. It is an engineering marvel and so well designed with the hole in the dome that lets light in as well as the rain – but that’s ok because there are drainage holes on the marble floor.

Piazza Navona

The beauty this time around is that we’ve already done most of the tourist sight-seeing, so we can just chill out (or rather melt!) in Rome.


We grabbed a gelato and almost limped back to our apartment on our tired, tired feet. A little rest later and we were ready to head out for ‘la passiagiata’ – the evening stroll – before meeting friends for dinner.


We booked our apartment through Unusual Rome and it’s called Argento Giulia on via Giula, 179 and it cost Euro 150 per night. It is also listed on Worldwide Accom website

via Paolo Emilio, 7
00192 Roma
Tel +39 348 3296384
Skype: unusual.rome

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