Lightest backpack ever


I don’t think I told you the results of my packing efforts 13 days ago. A new record has been set! I am very pleased to report that my backpack weighed in at just 15.7kg.

Whilst 15.7kg may still seem like a lot to some, let’s put it in context; my toiletry bags usually weigh almost 10kg on their own!

What’s changed this time? I have severely and ruthlessly limited my lotions and potions and been very strict with my shoe choice, with only sandals, thongs (flip flops), and ballerina flats making it in. My casual runner type Merrils I wore on the plane.

Am I missing anything? Yes a few key things, but that’s ok. The fab trip I’m having makes up for all of that! Best if all, I have room to add new purchases!

Speaking of which, my shopping stats are the lowest they have ever been. Almost two weeks since I left home and I have bought two scarves and mum bought me a t-shirt last night that I saw and liked. The only explanation I have for this new and unexpected trend is that I knew the Rome July sales were starting soon and for those that know me well, they know I really hate to pay full price for anything. It’s my Italian blood! So I waited patiently for them to start and we left Rome for Umbria the day the sales started. My shopping stars are aligned differently this trip…

In this pic you can see two weights on the airport check in scales. Zorba did remarkably well also beating me by 400grams with his backpack weighing just 15.3kg.

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