BNB – brand new blog

Testing testing.  One two. Two. Two. tsssswwooooo. 

Hellooooo!!  This is my brand new blog. It’ll incorporate my trip with Zorba to Italia, aptly named ‘Zorbaletto’ and my adventures to Egypt, Spain and South America with my mate Evette, aka Hubba.  For the record, Hubba calls me ‘Maggot’, not very flattering I know, but she has her reasons (she has seen me in that state more than once!).  The second part of the trip will be ‘the Adventures of Hubba and Maggot.’  

There will be six months worth of travel blogs to keep you all (hopefully) entertained.  Right now, I’m testing my new blog site and my sexy new shiny red Dell mini netbook that was just delivered today.

Stay tuned folks, more updates to come!


An Australian icon, the Koala. So cute!


Map picture

My home town, Perth, Western Australia.

For anyone interested in reading the ‘old’ blog, visit the old blog

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