Brasilian beaches: Arriail D’Ajuda

Arriail D’Ajuda

Another annoying bus ride where the bus stopped every 10 minutes to let people off and on. It felt like we were on that bus for 20 hours when it was probably only about 7 or 8 hours.  Hubs is better with bus travel than I am – I hate it and I especially hate stopping every 10 mins and the bus was so old and rickety that it was impossible to sleep, write, type, or read.

Then once we got to Puerto Seguro we caught a local bus with all our luggage (dumb move) to the port. Except we missed the stop and ended up having to walk 20 mins. Grr.

Arriail D’Ajuda is 5 mins by ferry from Puerto Seguro and much nicer.  The beaches are long wide stretches of soft white sand – just beautiful.  Hubs chose a good reasonably cheap hotel for us to stay in (our own rooms of course) and it was right on the beach and it also had a restaurant.  Good good.  The first day was warm and sunny and it was so lovely.

I continued on with my fitness regime and got up and went jogging on the beach – so nice.  There weren’t that many people around so at times, I had the whole beach to myself.

We had a couple of days of rain whilst there and that was really really boring.  The town was small and a bus ride away.  Arriail D’Ajuda town is really tiny – one main square, some beachy tourist shops,  a few pizza places and not much else.

It was nice, but it would have been perfect had the weather been better.

There was no way I was enduring more overnight travel or another long Brazilian bus ride. I flew to Rio and Hubs took the bus.

Next stop:  Rio

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