Iguazu Falls – incredible

I saw the Iguazu Falls from Brasil first and was totally impressed.  I was travelling by myself (Hubs was meeting me on the Argentinean side of the falls).  I made friends with a guy called Richard from England and Scott from USA (knob).  Richard was from Surrey, so we had a bit to talk about since I know that part of England reasonably well.

The three of us marvelled at the falls, took photos of each other in front of various parts of the falls, and walked everywhere we could.  We grabbed some mediocre lunch from a cafe, then Rich and I went across to Argentina.  We took the bus to what we thought was going to be the border, but it wasn’t.  It was just another bus stop, flanked by waiting taxis.

We decided to catch a taxi over the border to Argentina and the taxi driver said it would be easy to do.  And he was right.  It was easy.  I didn’t even have to get out of the cab!  How’s that for crossing into another country!  I arranged to meet Rich for a steak dinner and we went off to our respective hotels.

Hubs chose a good hotel in Iguazu – it had a pool and the day I arrived it was hot! After checking in, I got changed straight away into my swimmers and headed to the pool – and that’s where I bumped into Hubs who had just arrived after her overnight bus.

We hung out by the pool. I met Rich and we went for a steak in a recommended restaurant – my first Argentinean steak!  We shared a bottle of wine and I have to say, I have really missed drinking good wine this trip.  Hubs doesn’t drink, so I often don’t drink o either r will just a beer or glass of wine.  It was lovely to have dinner with someone new and chatty.  Hubs and I sometimes have nothing to say to each other – or she tells me to shut up and stop talking.  She is not the chatty type, more the broody type.

The next day we went to the falls on the Argentinean side and they were no less impressive.  We did the crazy-ass boat ride where the boat goes right up to the fall, to tons and tons of cascading crashing water.  The sheer force of the falls is something to behold – it took me by surprise how powerful they are.  We got soaking bloody wet on the boat ride – my eyes were hurting / stinging from the water getting in them – it was impossible to see anything because it was impossible to keep your eyes open!!

Next stop:  Cordoba

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