Paracas – the Galapagos of Peru

Hubs and I have dubbed Paracas ‘the most under-rated destination’ on our epic journey because it amazed both of us.

I tried to be a brave traveller and caught the overnight bus from Arequipa to Pisco – a crap hole that was only about 20 minutes by taxi to Paracas which was meant to be gorgeous.

The overnight bus was hard work. I mean, the buses are as luxurious as you can get – big almost sofa like seats that recline, and there’s also a slanted leg and foot rest. So they are comfortable.  It was a long journey. I hardly slept, and arrived at Pisco earlier than scheduled at 6am.  Urgh 6am!!! Luckily there was a taxi there and he drove me 20 minutes to our luxury hotel – Hotel Hacienda.  This was five star luxury – right on the beach, a massive pool with little bridge walkways over it, comfy sun lounges and the like.  But because I was there so damn early I could not check in until 12pm – or I could pay A$80 to check in early.  A$80 for five hours – no friggin way!!!  So they offered me another room for 5 hours, so I had somewhere to sleep, that was A$30.  Fine.  I took it.  I was so dog tired, I just had to lie down.

I slept for a couple of hours until the work men began banging away and jack hammering through cement.  Oh my God – you have got to be kidding!!!

Tired and grumpy, I had a great and long shower then enjoyed a very delicious breakfast buffet.  I tried to go back to bed…

The second room was beautiful – it opened up with french doors to the pool area, near the restaurant, it had its own built in outdoor lounge, big fluffy beds with quality bed linen – yes, it was lovely.  Hubs was due to arrive about 6pm.  Paracas is a resort town and once in a resort, there’s not much to do except hang out there.  I was too knackered to go for any big walks, so I sun bathed, read, and relaxed.

Seeing Hubs again was a happy reunion.  She had a great time in Columbia and was happy to have the opportunity to go there. She loved Cartegna on the coast, a beautiful relaxed picturesque beach town, saying that she could live there.   Botoga she didn’t rave about so much.

Over dinner at Hotel Hacienda’s restaurant, we swapped stories and enjoyed a nice meal.  That night, apparently I snored, making Hubs very unhappy with me in the morning.  She declared that from here on she wanted her own room – she could afford it and wanted to get a good night’s sleep every night.  Fine by me! I loved my own space and not having a non-morning person in my room every time I woke up suited me just fine.  I know I must’ve been snoring because I did not sleep the night before on the night bus.

I had booked Hubs and I into a Paracas boat trip – the whole reason why people come to Paracas.  We went out to sea on a boat and saw the most incredible amount of birds I have seen in my life!  There must have been a million birds out there – all kinds from sea gulls to cormorars to pelicans.  All manner of fish eating birds were flying and diving, in a feeding frenzy of anchovies.  There is an amazing amount of fish in this area that it attracts all the fish-eating birds.  This boat trip surpassed our expectations by miles.  We didn’t see this number of birds in the Galapagos – in fact, I haven’t seen this number of birds in any one spot ever in my life.  Spectacular!!

The boat trip continued around some rocky islands that are inhabited by sea lions, seals, penguins and of course birds.  The boat trip was all over in three hours and I seriously could have stayed out there all day, just watching.   Amazing.

The rest of the day was spent chilling out, reading, and making the most of the beautiful resort.

Next stop: Lima and catching up with Mum and Dad!

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