Postcards from Cannes, France

What a pretty place Cannes is. It’s so clean, and so stunning. Beautiful buildings, litter-free streets, designer shops, beautiful patisseries, cute cafes, gastronomic restaurants, long stretch of beach with beach club after beach club, well-dressed locals walking teeny dogs, and colourful potted flowers everywhere. The French really do this well. It’s very easy to fall in love with the French Riviera. Here are some photos of our day there.


Nutella nougat. OMG


The famous cinema steps – that we couldn’t get near because they were still packing down after the Cannes Film Festival

Cannes01 Cannes02 Cannes03 Cannes05 Cannes06 Cannes07 Cannes08 Cannes09 Cannes10 Cannes11 Cannes12 Cannes13

The marina is packed full of boats that are bigger than our house, in fact, bigger than most people’s houses. Cannes14 Cannes15 Cannes16

To put the size of these boats into perspective, you can just see a man standing on the tip of the bow in the photo above – the boat on the far left. Cannes18 Cannes19

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