Purple is the new leopard print

Italians used to lead the world with fashion, but these days that’s changed somewhat. I noticed it a few years ago that generally speaking, Italians dress more casually than they used to.  No matter what I was wearing, I used to always feel like a ‘dag’ in Italy.  Not so much any more.

Italians are hilarious when it comes to fashion.  It’s like someone says that purple is THE colour of the season and everyone wears everything they can that is purple. Purple is the new leopard print, and it is most certainly the new black.  In 2007 when I was in Italia, orange was the colour de jour.  In 2010, it is all about purple. 

Zorba and I have done some purple people spotting and when we can, have taken some happy snaps of the purple fashions – those being worn by Italians and displays in shop windows. 

Check it out:

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