Reasons to stay in Treviso instead of Venice

Ah Venice, just the thought conjures romantic images of gondolas, canals and the magical St Mark’s Square.

Venezia bridge - 1

The reality of Venice is something different altogether. I should disclose that my father was born in Mestre, a town just outside of Venezia (how Venice is spelt in Italian) and my Nonno was born in nearby Treviso. So I have family connections to the place.

I’ve first visited Venezia in May 1996 and have been back about seven or eight times since. With every visit, some of the magic I felt during my first experience is permanently erased from my memory. Put it this way, it’s hard to be spell-bound by a place when you are in a mosh pit of tourists, your ears filled with booming annoying noise of loud-speaking tourist gits who have no clue. It’s even harder to find a love for a place through your stomach when every meal costs a fortune and is no where near as good as it’s supposed to be.

The crowds getting into St Marks

The crowds getting into St Marks

During one visit, we treated ourselves to a posh and super expensive hotel in the centre of Venice, only to sleep in a room that was marginally bigger than my pantry. To me, it just isn’t worth it.

Everyone should experience Venice before it sinks below and is lost forever. If like me, getting value for money is important to you, then here are my top reasons to stay in nearby Treviso instead of spending the GDP of a small nation on accommodation in Venice.

Reasons to stay in Treviso

  • Treviso is between 25 and 40 minutes by train from Venice, depending on the train you take. Visit the Trenitalia website for train time info and booking – it’s in English and easy to navigate
  • The train stations in Treviso and Venice are both a short walk from the centre of both places, making it a very easy and convenient journey
  • Accommodation in Treviso is cheaper. We stayed in Riverside Apartment that we booked on and it was beautiful, about 100 metres from the train station and backed onto a canal

    Riverside apartment

    Riverside apartment

  • Treviso has canals – you won’t find gondolas manned by bored a gondoliers in striped t-shirts, ready to argue with the first person who questions their exorbitant fee. But you will find cute bridges, peaceful canals and may even see a few ducks or swans.Treviso 2016 LR - 5Treviso 2016 LR - 3
  • The old centre of Treviso is cobblestoned and pedestrianised, making it very pleasant to stroll around as you window shop, gaze in wonder at ancient churches and palaces or perhaps during ‘la passeggiata’ – the traditional evening stroll Italians take before dinnerTreviso 2016 LR - 1 (1)
  • There are plenty of good restaurants in Treviso that don’t cost the earth – look out for my blog post for my recommendations of where to eat (it’s coming!)
  • Treviso is home of the famous Pinarello bicycle. That mightn’t mean much to some, but to the early morning lycra set and those who love the old ‘shopper-style’, the handmade Pinarello is the business.Treviso 2016 LR - 4 Treviso 2016 LR - 1

Reasons not to stay in Venice

  • Make no mistake, Venice is a place that everyone should experience once in their life, but do so knowing that you’ll pay handsomely for the privilege
  • Accommodation is limited and in high demand, as such, you’ll pay through the nose for a standard of room that would cost you a fraction of the price elsewhere
  • Venice is filled with tourist traps – do your research and choose where to eat carefully or you’ll be served mediocre food that’ll cost a fortune. And don’t go on TripAdvisor recommendations – they are inflated with reviews from tourists who think a huge serve equates to a good meal. No, it does not.
  • Venice is packed during the popular months – May, June, July – and don’t even think about August. People are everywhere. Everyone has a selfie stick and is jostling for the best position to get a pic of themselves in front of St Marks. Loud speaking annoying tourists everywhere. It’s a turn off.
  • When it’s stinking hot, Venice can sometimes be stinking. Those canals do not smell good. It’s hard to appreciate the floating city’s magic when sewerage scented wafts fill your nostrils

Gondola Venezia - 1

There are other near by towns to Venice that are worth visiting too – Verona, Padova, Vincenza just to name a few. Venice can be magical. If it’s on your bucket list, go when it’s not peak times for tourists or stay in a gorgeous town that’s nearby.

4 thoughts on “Reasons to stay in Treviso instead of Venice

    1. Travelletto Post author

      I bet it would’ve been so magical back then! Even for my husband – was his first time visiting Venice – he was horrified at the sheer numbers in Venice, let alone paying through the nose for sub-standard food! Thanks for stopping by Rosana x

  1. MicheleCR

    Thank you so much for this tip! We have been to southern Italy numerous times to visit family. After each trip we promise ourselves the next trip will be north. Treviso makes the trip to Venice much more enticing!

    1. Travelletto Post author

      Hi Michele – if you aren’t into overly touristy places and crowds, then you’ll love Treviso. In the north, we also went to Lago di Como – highly recommended! If you don’t have knee or ankle problems and aren’t afraid of walking up steep steep hills, stay in Lenno – it’s a gorgeous town on the lake and the ferry service makes it easy to visit Bellagio (which is also very nice but a lot busier with tourists). Thanks for stopping by! Di x

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