Race to Monaco in 2021

If you love motorsport like me and are dreaming of Europe (also like me), then this announcement from Visit Monaco will get your heart racing.

With Monaco Formula 1 cancelled this year because of COVID19, the clever clogs in Monaco have created a month-long cluster of motorsport in 2021 which sounds totally awesome!  Monaco Historic Formula 1, the E-Prix (electric cars) and then the Monaco Formula 1 all in the space of a month. Check out the official media release below for more.

You may remember that I went to the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix in 2014 and it was one of the greatest event experiences I’ve ever had – and I’ve been to a stack of big events including FIFA World Cup in Brazil, Wimbledon, Australian Open, Rugby World Cup (at Twickenham and in Australia), Ashes Test Matches (at Lords and also across Australia), Rugby League World Cup, Elton John concert at Wembley Arena, Guns and Roses at Eastern Creek (Sydney) with 80,000, Australian Formula 1, British F1 and the list goes on and on.

What I loved about Monaco F1

What I loved about the Monaco Grand Prix, besides you know, it’s MONACO and iconic, was the event organisation. We stayed in nearby Nice and it was so easy to walk to the train station, catch a train that took less than an hour and arrive in the heart of Monaco. We picked up our tickets from the Automobile Club de Monaco the morning of race day without issue, and found our grandstand seats easily. Immediately below our grandstand was a small pop up bar selling Heineken for 8 Euro, which if you know the prices in Monaco, was a steal. And not once did either Zorba or I need to wait to be served. We had such a fun day and best of all, Daniel Ricciardo finished second!

A couple of days after the race we went back to Monaco and walked the race track which felt surreal, like I was in a video game. We had a few drinks (after remortgaging the house because one beer cost over AUD$30) at the iconic Cafe de Paris and sat in the sun watching Lamborghini after Maserati after Ferrari cruise past. Our jaws just dropped – how the other half live.

I’ve been to Monaco three times, but only once to the Grand Prix and it’d be a dream to go back for a whole month next year and watch all the races.


Here’s a clip of the 2014 Drivers Parade from our grandstand seats that faced the marina.

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Monaco Historic Formula 1

© Michael Alési. Grand Prix Historique de Monaco 2018

Official media statement from Visit Monaco

After the cancellation of the 2020 Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix and the 2020 Monaco Historic Grand Prix due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Automobile Club de Monaco (ACM) has decided that it will exceptionally organise three Grand Prix in 2021, in the space of one month.

Following numerous requests coming from competitors, partners and spectators of the Monaco Historic Grand Prix, the Organising Committee at Automobile Club de Monaco – after achieving a feasibility study internally and receiving the final approval from the Monaco Government – has the huge pleasure to announce that the 12th edition of Monaco Historic Grand Prix, initially planned for 8-10th May 2020, will now be organised from 23-25 April 2021.

The year 2021 will be exceptional since past, present and future will be decided in three prestigious events in the streets of the Principality: the 12th Monaco Historic Grand Prix will be followed by the 4th Monaco E-Prix (8th May 2021), and the 78th Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix (20-23 May 2021).

This is a huge logistical challenge for the team and staff at Automobile Club de Monaco, for all major players and authorities of the Principality of Monaco, as well as for the 3,000 volunteers – among them 650 stewards and track marshals – whose role will be crucial for the success of these three events.

“To organise three races in the space of one month will be a premiere for us all at ACM” explains Christian Tornatore, the General Commissioner of Automobile Club de Monaco. “The logistical side promises to be complex, but not impossible to manage! Because of the new constraints, we shall need to start setting up the track earlier than usual, at the end of February, instead of 15th March. We will then integrate the technical aspects, on and around the track, required by every category that will be involved. In order to achieve this, we will count on the experience and flexibility of all the people involved, in order to achieve our objectives.”

Last but not least, please note that the next edition of Monaco Historic Grand Prix, the 13th of the series, will take place from 13-15 May 2022.

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Automobile Club de Monaco website:

Monaco Tourist & Convention Authority website:

Monaco Formula 1

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