Lunch in the West End, Perth WA

The West End Deli on Carr Street in West Perth was our cafe choice for a Saturday lunch. I was thrilled to see breakfast dishes on the lunch menu.

It is a popular place, which isn’t surprising given its great reputation.

I was tossing up between slow cooked egg, peas and anchovies or the two crab omelette. The helpful waitress recommended the omelette and that’s what I chose.

Two crab omelette

Two crab omelette

It was an excellent recommendation. The omelette was fluffily and light, the crab meat was sweet, the coriander gave it a zing and it was seasoned just right. I loved it. I could have eaten two of them and in fact had to make a conscious effort to slow down and savour it rather than scoff it down.

As a side dish, a girlfriend ordered vine ripened cherry tomatoes with goats curd. They were delicious. Intense tomato flavour complemented beautifully with the salty goats curd. I was polite and only had one. Again, I could have easily wolfed down the whole plate.

Vine roasted tomato with goats cheese

Vine roasted tomato with goats cheese

A good coffee was the perfect finish to a light lunch. I was very tempted by the potted cheesecake with dulce de leche for dessert and even ordered it, but when my girlfriends resisted dessert, guilt got the better of me. I cancelled the dessert order.  I’m on a quest to drop the extra kilos that have crept on in recent months, and as anyone knows, losing weight ain’t easy.  I felt happy that I was strong enough to say no.  But OMG did those desserts look amazing!  I will be back when I’m skinny and will try that potted cheesecake, and that’s a promise.

I’ve eaten at West End Deli a few times in the past for dinner (BYO, no corkage, brilliant), but never for lunch. It was a winner.


West End Deli
95 Carr St, West Perth
Tel 08 9328 3605

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