Sardinian bread – carta di musica

When shopping at Leederville IGA a few weeks ago, I was thrilled to see traditional bread from Sardinia (Italy) for sale (about $12).  Strictly speaking, it’s more of a thin cracker than a bread.

It’s called ‘carta di musica’ which translates to sheet music or paper of music (literal), because the wafer come cracker is fine like paper.  I love it and ate bucket loads of it during both of my trips to Sardinia a few years ago.

It comes in a box and it is very delicate. Between five and eight thin crispy wafer-like sheets are stacked on top of each other.  To serve it, you drizzle some good olive oil on each sheet, sprinkle it with rock salt or salt flakes and fresh rosemary. Pile the sheets up on top of each other and put it in the oven until it starts to go brown on the edges.

Carta di musica

Carta di musica

When you bring it to the table, the aroma of the rosemary will make your mouth water.

The crispy sheets are delicious and just melt on your tongue.  Be warned, it is nearly impossible to stop once you start eating Sardinian bread.

It’s too fine and crispy to use with a dip.  A dip would spoil the taste of the bread anyway.

Buon apetito!


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