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Podcasting is hugely popular. But it wasn’t until my lovely friend Amanda Kendle from Not A Ballerina blog started her Thoughtful Travel Podcast did I start listening to them. And to be honest, I only really listen to hers because it’s about a subject I am hugely passionate about, travel.

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I think travellers have the best stories – from exotic escapes, to nail-biting terror, laugh-out-loud language barriers, ‘how did we end up here’ situations and insightful lessons learned – every traveller has a thousand stories.

Amanda has cleverly collected stories from travellers and created a cool podcast series, each episode has a different theme. I was thrilled when she relented to my stalking and agreed to have me on her show as a guest. It’s no secret that I can talk travel all day, every day.

Click below and check out my chat with Amanda about the magic of getting lost, episode 11 of her series, and how her and I got lost from each other in a ‘sliding doors’ moment in Bangkok. Getting lost can lead to some unexpected experiences and encounters, have a listen:

Thoughtful Travel Podcast: The magic of getting lost

Travel isn’t always joyous, frivolous fun. There are some terrifying moments too, which admittedly, make great travel stories. In episode 14, I chat with Amanda about a terrifying time in Brazil  – one of my favourite ‘I survived’ stories when I thought I was going to be brutally murdered and left to decompose in the jungle. This story freaked out my parents totally (and at the time, I was freaking out too!)…. click below to listen.

Thoughtful Travel Podcast: Feel the fear and travel anyway

If you love travel or just love the thought of travel, be sure to subscribe to the Thoughtful Travel Podcast. I have a feeling that my stalking may result in me being featured in some episodes in the future. Of course, you don’t just want to listen to me – Amanda has some very interesting guests on her show who all tell engaging stories.

You never know, the Thoughtful Travel Podcast might just inspire Travelletto to start recording…do you think I should?


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