Top five things to do in Bora Bora

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Bora Bora, Tahiti, is on my dream list and of so many travellers I know.  Imagine waking up to these incredible views every morning from your own private overwater bungalow?  You’d have to feel like the luckiest person alive!
Bora Bora photo courtesy of

Bora Bora photo courtesy of

I’m adventurous according to this fun quiz that the talented team at Travel Associates have put together. I’d have to agree with that. I like trying new things, going to new places, getting off the beaten track.
I also love to lie in the sun and relax.  If I was staying in one of these gorgeous bungalows, I reckon my adventurous side would be parked for a week and I’d just soak in this incredible view, breathe, and relax.

Top five things to do in Bora Bora:

  1. Relax in your overwater bungalow of course! Decompress, breathe, relax, regroup, and centre yourself
  2. Take a lagoon tour – be sure to choose one that stops at a private Motu island
  3. Watersports galore – swimming, diving, snorkelling, or take a canoe or kayak and paddle to a secluded beach.  Snorkelling in the Coral Gardens is highly recommended.
  4. Hike in lush tropical rainforest
  5. Enjoy Tahitian cuisine, especially the renowned Poisson Cru is a raw marinated fish dish
There’s more information about what to see and do on the Travel Associates website and the Bora Bora Island Guide.
What sort of Tahiti would you be? Adventurous or Romantic? Take this quick fun quiz and let me know!

Photos courtesy of Travel Associates


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