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Okay, so reviewing shaving oil might seem off topic, but I assure you this is one toiletry item worth writing about. I first posted about King of Shaves shaving oil and I have updated my post to include a review of a fabulous natural shaving oil, Oscar, that won the Men’s Health Grooming Product of the Year in 2013.

I don’t know about you, but my toilet bag is one of my heaviest things in my backpack or suitcase when I travel. I’m always looking for things to leave behind or ways save space without having to forgo any luxury.

OscarOscar natural shaving oil 30mL-Sensitive-Pack

  • It’s small, 30ml, smaller than a roll on deodorant
  • It’s all natural ingredients and oils that nourish your skin – a big thumbs up from me – grape seed oil jojoba, lavender oil, vitamin E, rosehip oil to name a few.
  • You only need a tiny amount
  • It’s easy to apply
  • The shaving result is smooth, no razor burn
  • It has hardly any scent, which is great
  • It’s not expensive – it cost about $11 from Coles, also available from Priceline
  • The pump action tube is environmentally friendly
  • Even though it’s designed for men, it worked well on my underarms

It was when I was shopping for my toiletry bag items in preparation of our eight-week trip to Italy, France, NYC, Brazil, Argentina and Dubai, that I came across King of Shaves shaving oil. It’s so small, and any small toiletry item gets my attention.

King of Shaves shaving oilI road tested it for eight weeks and this is what I found:

King of Shaves

  • It’s very small, about half the size than a roll on deodorant and a fraction of the size of a mini shaving foam can at just 20ml
  • You only need a tiny amount
  • It’s easy to apply, the shaving result is smooth and just like the packet says, no razor burn
  • It has a mild male scent, which if you use it in the shower, washes off without a trace
  • It’s not expensive – it cost about $9 from the supermarket
  • It didn’t leak
  • Even though it’s designed for men, it worked well on my underarms
  • It’s synthetic
  • The plastic packaging was hard to remove – needed scissors

I won’t buy shaving foam ever again. I can’t think of anything negative to say about shaving oils and I love the fact that Oscar’s is all natural and virtually scent free.

I started using oils as part of my skin care regime recently thanks to an awesome post I read on Y Travel Blog. Let’s just say that I’m now a raving fan of rosehip oil. Skin care products to pack will be another post – stay tuned!

What are your toilet bag travel tips?

Do you have special products that you simply won’t travel without?


This is not a sponsored post and I am by no way affiliated with the manufacturers of this product. I just thought it was great and wanted to share that with you!

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