A smashing celebration!

Before dinner, Zorba decided we should have the bottle of Verve champagne we bought in Sorrento (bargain 35 euro!).  After I spent about an hour stressing out over the internet connection that kept dropping out when trying to book flights to Palermo, I asked the lovely old guy who owns Pensione Maria Luisa if he had some champagne glasses we could borrow because we were celebrating our engagement.   He congratulated me and said yes of course – off he shuffled and brought back two sets of glasses for me to choose from. One was like a glass dessert dish and not really a champagne glass at all, and the other was like a beer glass… oh well, better than plastic.  I thanked him and said they would be fine. He said – wait I might have another – and returned back with two beautiful crystal champagne glasses.  I was imagining that they were perhaps a wedding present when he received them as they were not really the kind of glasses you see in shops, rather in old relatives houses.  Perfect!!

Zorba and I popped the Verve and he proposed to me properly – dropping to one knee and saying the most lovely things.  It was so romantic and very sweet…of course I cried (a happy cry!).  We toasted and sipped the yummy Verve, then Zorba put the iPod ear piece in my ear, he had the other one, and we danced on our balcony to “It’s Amore!”.  As he tried to twirl me around, the head phone popped out of my ear – after pulling on it – it was hysterical!  We altered our dancing style – no twirls – and drank the champagne and drank in the beautiful view of Positano.  

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I couldn’t let an occasion like this go without a photo!  So we got the tripod out and did some self portraits, photos of my ring, photo of drinking champagne, etc etc.  As we were getting to the end of the champas, we started to become photo stylists and set up some shots of my ring (off) with the champagne.  We were having a ball, adding a flower from the garden, moving object around…and then…. SMASH!  Oooooohhhhh SHIT!  The beautiful crystal champagne glass was accidently knocked off the table and smashed into a thousand pieces.  Shit shit shiiiiiit!!!  Oh God, I felt so so so so terrible!  That lovely man lent us his glasses and we smashed one.  Whoops!

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We went to dinner, met up with my new bestie Gabbie, and had a really really fun night back at Mediterraneo restaurant singing along with Alfonso.  The food was so good last time, I ordered the same thing – Spigola con guazetto (fish cooked in white wine, tomatoes and onion).  We had THE BEST red I have drunk in Italia to date too – called Mioi.  Smooth with chocolate aromas and reasonable at 20 euro a bottle. So we had two bottles! 

The owner, also a waiter there, was crazy – a lot of fun and kept jumping in photos. For dessert, we ordered a local speciality a delicious lemon sponge cake, known in English as “the boob” because of it’s shape.  We had to order it and it was delicious!  What a fun fun fun night!

Happy and ‘un poco brillo’ (a little tipsy), we both slept like babies….

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