Picture perfect Positano

I think it’s fair to say that Zorba and I are in love with Positano.  Those of you who have been here know how magical and beautiful this little town on the Amalfi coast is.  Just 3000 people live here.

We spent three nights at the very agreeable little pensione called Maria Luisa on the south side of town above Fornillo beach, the second smaller beach of Positano.  At 75 euro per night, it was sensational – our own private balcony with million dollar views, neat and clean and easily situated vertically above the beach.  The area is so quiet and waking up to that view every day is simply breathtaking.

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On the bus ride from Sorrento to Positano, we met Melbournian Sicilian Gabriella.  She is coming to the end of her 3 month trip in Italia and is staying in Positano for a week.  Gabbie and I are very alike and hit it off like a house on fire, talking about anything and everything.  We’ve been having a great time hanging out together.

On our first night in Positano, we ate at a restaurant my friend Sam recommended, Mediterraneo.  Not only was the food fantastic and the house wine quaffable, but the singer, who I will call Alfonso, was hilarious!  Playing Italian oldies like “it’s amore” and “volare” on his guitar, getting the diners into it and singing along – Alfonso handed out tambourines to us to play along too. It was so much fun!!  He plays there every second night.  I had Sea Bass ‘guazetto’ – cooked in a white wine, onion and tomato sauce.  Beautiful and light – just what my expanding waistline needed.

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The next day we got up super early and walked into town – about 20 minutes or so, and walked down to the main beach….then we walked up 4 million stairs to go back towards our pensione – all with OUT coffee. My poor legs were burning like they used to in pump class and my heart felt like it was going to beat right through my chest. We were walking up stairs for dead-set 30 minutes. It was incredible, incredibly painful. You would not want to have dodgy knees and live in Positano.  Did I say we did all that with OUT coffee??

We spent the day on the beach at Ferdinando – where we rented a lettino each for 7 euro. I love the Italian sun beds – they have an adjustable sun visor above your head so you can keep your face in the shade. I want one!!  Guido, who owns Ferdinando, is a funny old guy – very laid back, very friendly, and he loves Australia. Every year he goes to Australia to stay with a friend of his in Williamstown (Vic) for three months. What a life!  Gabbie came and met us on the beach and we had a few beers and hung out until the sun went behind the big mountain – about 5pm. Nice.

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It was nice until that walk home – up 4 million stairs.  After a few beers and too much sun, I honestly thought i was going to be sick. I had to lie down for half an hour when we got in!

Gabbie joined us for dinner and we ate at Palm d’Oro – it was ok. Nothing to really write home about… 


The next day was much the same – bloody stairs, beach, sun, swimming in the Med, relaxing….ahhhh…. Zorba and I wandered through the shops and I found the shoe shop where I bought my pretty red and black patent leather ballerina flats!  I was so excited!  I hoped he would have them still so i could replace them.  Just my luck – and maybe I asked for it – but the only shoe they had in my size were purple ones.  I could not believe it.  I deserve it I supposed after laughing at all the Italians wearing purple everything!  Unfortunately they were not a nice shade of purple and Zorba wouldn’t let me buy them.  I couldn’t see myself wearing them so I had to walk out with nothing…a sad moment.

Next blog entry to come!


Pensione Maria Luisa
Via Fornillo 42, Positano (Sa)
Phone/Fax: +39 089 875 023


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