Calling for travel tips: first leg, France and Italy

Hello readers!

We are madly racing around to get ourselves, our work, and our little fur baby, our Westie pup Bella, organised before we fly out. And I need your help.  We are looking for travel tips, insider knowledge, restaurant recommendations or little unknown places for great experiences and of course unforgettable meals, in:

  • Nice and South of France (we are going to the Monaco F1 Grand Prix on Sunday)
  • Northern Italy – I’m thinking we might head to Lake Como, still deciding
  • Islands near Italy / France – we have about a week to go where we please
  • Milano

After about three weeks in Europe, our next stop is NYC. I have loads of tips on where to eat in New York – but what about where to shop? Bargains of quality gear is what we’re after. And jeans.

Then we fly to Brazil for the FIFA World Cup. It’s super exciting and a massive bucket list item for me – one I’ve been dreaming about I think about it I’m too embarrassed to say it’s been so long – so let’s just say, forever!

Have you been to Brazil and do you have any travel tips in these places?

  • Manuas in Brazil (Italy v England is our first World Cup game! Epic!)
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Recife (Italy v Costa Rica)
  • Natal (Italy v Uruguay)
  • (we have another 8-9 days in Brazil following the Italia team – not sure where their next two games will be played)

After the madness of the World Cup, we head to Buenos Aires for six days. We’re staying in Palermo Soho. I’m so looking forward being back in Argentina.  I feel at home there, which isn’t surprising given forty per cent of the population has Italian heritage. Forty per cent!  It has many similarities to Italy, without the European price tags. Such great leather shopping. I’ll be buying another suitcase there for sure.

  • Buenos Aires

Then we make our way home. We’re breaking up the long haul flight back to Perth by spending a few nights in Dubai. I like stopping in Dubai – it’s clean, safe, lovely hotels, and good shopping.

  • Dubai

I love getting travel tips – equally as much as I love giving them.  Right now, it’s all about the South of France and where to go next. Can you help?

Italian fans standing for the national anthem at the start of the Euro 2012 final, Monterosso, Italia

Italian fans standing for the national anthem at the start of the Euro 2012 final, Monterosso, Italia

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6 thoughts on “Calling for travel tips: first leg, France and Italy

  1. Carolyn Monchouguy

    Hi Di

    Sounds like an amazing trip – so jealous! Here are some tips for NYC

    * Eat at Tao – amazing asian fusion cuisine
    * Have a cocktail and enjoy an amazing view at The Standard hotel – go to the top of the standard bar for a drink and the best 360 view of NYC – trust me on this one – it’s amazing!!
    * Have a drink at Renaissance Hotel in Times Square – great view over Times Square
    * Eat at Joe’s Pizza in Greenwich Village – best pizza I have ever had in my life!!
    * Shop at Macy’s – I usually don’t need to go anywhere else – this is the biggest department store in the city and has so much to choose from!

    Above all have a fab time and take lots of photos!!!

    Carolyn xxxx

    1. diannewp

      Hi Carolyn
      Awesome tips,thanks very much!
      Keep an eye on the blog for photos and stories – I’ll be sharing as much as I can possibly can!

  2. Jennie

    The Dolomites are beautiful at any time of year. And if you are doing any of the major tourist sites e.g. the Eiffel Tower or museums, book online beforehand, otherwise you could be queueing for a long time.

    Will you be going to Grasse and all the famous little hillside villages inland from Cannes? It is a stunning area.

    1. diannewp

      Thanks Jennie. Great tips re booking online for major attractions. Grasse could make it into our trip – we haven’t booked about 10 days of it, so we can be flexible and spontaneous! We fly out in 7 hours – yikes! Time to pack…!

  3. Jemma

    South of France there are loads of nice towns you can stop off if you have a car especially ..
    Close to Monaco… Mention is apparently lovely

    In between Nice & Cannes is Juan Les Pins.. very pretty and plenty to do..

    Also further along towards Marseille :
    – Freujs
    – Le Lavandou In the neighbourhood you have a lot of nice places… Gigaro, Port Grimaud (very chic), Hyeres…
    – Bandol and
    – Cassis

    Islands in Italy.. I’ve heard Elba is lovely

    1. diannewp

      Thanks Jemma that’s awesome. I can’t wait to explore the area. We might spend our spare week just cruising from one pretty town to another.
      Elba is on my list too – has been for ages. Not sure yet how we’ll spend our week.
      Thanks for stopping by to comment x

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