Australia invites you to dinner

Tourism Australia has unveiled the latest evolution of its global campaign – ‘There’s nothing like Australia’ ‐ with exceptional food and wine experiences from around the country playing a starring role in an effort to convert the global appetite for Australia as a travel destination into more visits.

As a contributing copy writer, I was invited to the launch today in Sydney at Peter Gilmore’s award‐winning Quay Restaurant.  The new $10 million campaign is based on the idea that Australia is the world’s greatest restaurant, ‘Restaurant Australia’, and includes:

  • New advertising creative including broadcast ad (for TV, cinema and online) and print;
  • A dedicated online hub ( for Australian businesses to share
  • their food and wine experiences with the world;
  • A strong focus on using digital channels, social media and advocacy;
  • Consumer promotions in a dozen key international markets;
  • Attendance by 80 international media and key food and wine influencers at the ‘Invite the World to Dinner’ gala event at Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) in Tasmania.

The reason for this campaign is that after visitors come to Australia, they rate our food and wine on par with France, Italy, and other great culinary destinations. However, Australia is not known overseas for it’s food and wine, hence the new campaign.


Here’s the video clip that will be shown in cinemas around the world. I love it!


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Tourism Australia said:

Tourism Australia Managing Director John O’Sullivan said the roll‐out of the campaign would occur in stages, starting firstly with the ‘Rally Cry’ to encourage Australian operators with a food and wine focus to get involved ahead of ‘Ignite the World’ consumer promotions in international markets and culminating in a spectacular ‘Invite the World” gala dinner in Tasmania in November.

“Restaurant Australia is all about bringing together the incredible stories of our people, place and produce to demonstrate to the world that every day, unique and exceptional food and wine experiences are being served‐up in remarkable locations, and then sharing these stories through the creation of rich and compelling content,” Mr O’Sullivan said.

Mr O’Sullivan said the best way to get the world to notice was by Australia’s tourism, food and wine businesses working together to tell the country’s stories, something that had never been done before.

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  1. Baz - The Landy

    Strewth….Shoosh, otherwise we’ll have every Tom, Dick, and Harry turning up on our doorstep at Sydney International Airport, ringing the doorbell like an out of control Avon Lady…

    Oh well, there goes the neighbourhood!

    Trust you had a good time all the same…


  2. Leanne

    I think this is a great campaign. Australia has some of the best produce out and I always look forward to the food when I return from a holiday overseas. I do think we do the best burgers in the world here 🙂

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